More Russian Propaganda: One guy, many roles? From *pro-‪#‎Ukraine‬ mercenary* to *pro-‪#‎Russia‬ victim.* ‪#‎Russian‬ TV’s at it again ‪#‎RussianSpring‬

“The two nationwide channels of Russia – NTV and Russia-1 – depicted the same person to be both: an extremist from Germany, who supported a far-right movement in Ukraine; and a pro-Russian protester, who became victim of Ukrainian nationalists.

NTV told it’s viewers, that the person is a German citizen who trained a group of 50 EU citizens (!) to cooperate with “Right Sector” movement in Ukraine (!!) in order to shoot (!!!) into peaceful pro-Russian protesters.

Russia-1, on the other hand, only depicted the person to be a peaceful “federalization supporter” in Ukraine (pro-Russia activist), who became victim of Ukrainian far-right extremists of “Right Sector”, who were, supposedly, backed by Ukrainian police and army. The person was shot in leg, and, as Russia-1 reports, “will not walk for half a year”.

In reality the person is (or he says he is):
1) a pro-Russian activist;
2) citizen of Germany;
3) who brought to Ukraine 500,000 Euro of “his own money” to support pro-Russian protests;
4) caught a bullet in a clash between pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian activists in Mykolaiv, Southern Ukraine.

(It is unclear however who shot him. Previously a Russian spy Maria Koleda was detained by Security Service of Ukraine, who confirmed that she was shooting with her gun during this clash.)”


  1. elmer

    additional article here by the very capable Halya Coynash

    Russian channels caught lying

    Despite the vast amounts Russia is spending on anti-Ukrainian propaganda, the TV channels Rossiya 1 and NTV skimped on actors – and got caught.

    Rossiya 1 shows a person they call Andriy Petkov and call him a supporter of federalism who was beaten up by “radicals” from Right Sector supposedly brought into Mykolaiv by the military.

    NTV shows the same man, even adds a caption with the same name, yet has a quite different story, Petkov, they claim, was certainly injured, but is himself a “mercenary” who has made a “sensational confession” – that he, a resident of Germany brought 50 people, “all residents of Western Europe” to Ukraine to carry out violent acts. He himself was the financial go-between who supposedly brought in 500 thousand EUR. According to the NTV story, he refuses to say who’s behind the “complicated financial deal”. The news reader then goes on to claim that: “The man who is now in hospital under guard took part in actions on the side of Right Sector. The basic aim of his group was to injure as many peaceful protesters as possible so that they couldn’t continue their protests”.

    The above would be comical if the lies were not so toxic and never-ending. For a large number of Russian viewers, as well as residents of the Crimea, this is all that they are hearing and there is no reason for them to understand that they are being conned.

    1. walt

      Why I don’t get is, with advanced russian military, and advance kremlin internet trolling, why are they so amateurous in their video propaganda or in their totally not believable lies. A couple of months ago their more subtle internet trolling and propagand to western journalist was more effective, but as weeks went buy their lies became more crude and less believable adn the opinion tide has turned.

  2. walt

    Here’s a interpretation of why possibly kremlin is so crude in their methods.

    Start of quote;

    “It’s evident the Crimean referendum was fraudulent, but the real question is, why is this so obvious? It’s not like Russia’s secret services aren’t skilled at staging sham democratic elections. They carry them out on a regular basis in their own country after all, but at least there they keep the numbers relatively believable. In the case of the Crimean referendum, the declared results from the highly controversial vote are geared to be seen in the West as a farce.

    Why so?

    If Moscow wanted to eventually work out a compromise with the West for taking back Crimea from the Ukraine (Soviet Premier Khrushchev gifted the peninsula to Ukraine in 1954), then you’d think the Kremlin would have wanted the elections to appear legitimate.

    Yet, the referendum results are a spectacular fraud that inflames international tensions over Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea.

    I dare say then that Russia is intentionally stoking a fire with America and the Western powers, and this likely has everything to do with the Kremlin’s underlying plan to ultimately wage and “win” (the term is used lightly here) a nuclear third world war. ”

    End of quote.

    Far out idea? from this site, (not affiliated with me)


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