2 thoughts on “More than half the population

  1. Ed K

    And the ones from China will be moving to Ukraine next year…

    So much for Ukrainian ethnicity and culture…

    Think 5% per year…

    You’d better study Chinese language and characters…

    “An incessant change of means to attain unalterable ends
    is always going on; we must take care not to let these
    sundry means undo eminence in the perspective of our
    minds; for, since the beginning, there has been an unending
    cycle of them, and for each its advocates have claimed
    adoption as the sole solution …” George Patton II

  2. Ed K

    In population analysis it is interesting to study Judaism. In Ukraine
    we read of the Khazar Empire. Now DNA experts analyze the Khazar

    So, after viewing:


    So maybe a fellow who claims to have had mercenary interest is really
    of Khazar ancestry and not Ukrainian ethnicity at all?



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