Moving On

Young couples laugh, an old woman sells raspberries, startlingly beautiful women pull peoples glances after their swaying hips, men fit cobble stones into a reconstructed sidewalk, a crowd listens to their tour guide who points to Jesus sitting atop one of L’viv’s churches, Father Ivan sits with a colleague at an outdoor table beside a coffee shop and calls to me — “In a few hours,” I tell him. “Go with God,” he says, gently shaking my hand with both of his — restless commuters wait for marshutky, friends drink beer from plastic bottles, sun shines, wind blows, summer blooms, people walk the streets in every direction, each carrying a universe of purpose, history, feeling.

My time has come. It always seems like ends are a time to make some grand concluding remarks, some revelation. As is usually the case with me, however, my pen does not keep up with my life.

I will fly home very soon, but I will continue writing about Ukraine, and continue blogging, so please stay tuned. I’m at least a month and half behind. I’ll soon post two of the lectures I gave at Donetsk University of Economics and Law, photos from the Carpathians, restaurant reviews, and more.

Please stay tuned.

Roman on the trail to Robert's Bunker


    1. Roman

      On one hand, we should be concerned about a further corruption of the justice system. On the other hand, when criminals and control freaks fight with one another, I try not get too wrapped up in it.


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