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  1. Ed K


    Sometimes men forget their origins. Roman is busy on his latest quest. Some who followed him in his earlier days had Ukrainian and eastern European origins of long ago. Most of this group no longer speak nor understand Ukrainian nor Russian or other eastern languages.

    Here is illustratation of man forgetting to put his pants on.

    Can you post translation?

    Or refer us to web site with translation?

    Do you have web site?

    It is great pity that some abandon the good they create to join the
    bureaucratic nmorass.

    The Ukrainian Tea party has been abandoned…

    Must Ukraine wait another 100 years…

  2. Andrii Drozda

    Dear Ed,

    It would have taken a lot of my time to make subtitles but I’ll try to retell you briefly the contents of this TV talk.
    So, conversation is dedicated to spending on functioning of Ukrainian parliament. Every year Ukrainian deputies receive more and more money for their “work”. Last year in was about 110 million $ and in 2013 it’s about 120 million $. And of course it’s the deputies themself who decide how much they need for their job and vacation and approve the budget. Now it’s summer vacation time and deputies took a bunch of money to pay for their rest-time
    So, the partipipants of discussion (three guys except me make their political carrier – one even was a candidate to parliament on last year elections) share their opinion about that budget and what shoud be done to fix the situation.
    Well, I made a joke that it’s less expensive for tax-payers to have our deputies on vacation whole year long because every month they adopt some new felonious taxes. Then I said that idea of representative democracy is completely failed in Ukraine – just 17% of Ukrainians believe that parliament works. But the things are pretty complicated because on every new elections politics divide Ukrainians on few parts with different vision of life and cause tensions between them – that’s the way they mobilize people to vote – and as result in 2012 we had about 58% presence of voters on polling stations. But younger generation of Ukrainians don’t have belief in politics – they are much less active as a voters. So, Ukrainians just don’t have to be so stupid and vote because of their illusions and fears.
    I said that parliament don’t work and people know about it but we need people to realise that parliament will never work and the same is for Ukrainian goverment – it will never work and people should realise this.


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