My Garage in Iowa

August 12, 2010, morning:

Roman's Garage Ukraine Trip

Roman's Garage Ukraine Trip

August 5, 2011, 8pm:

Roman's Garage Ukraine Trip

Roman's Garage Ukraine Trip

On Thursday night, I rented a car, loaded it to eye level with my three enormous pieces of luggage from Ukraine plus some of the boxes of my old thing which my other had, then, too restless to sleep, decided to drive right away.

I napped twice during the trip for thirty minutes each — once at six am in a McDonalds parking lot where I put sneakers over the parking break and seat belt buckle to soften them, and second time on the should of a highway off ramp where I pulled in front of a big rig whose driver, I imagine, did the same as me. There, I slept seated and I woke when the car became hot at about 10:30am.

I detoured to visit a friend at Notre Dame University. We had lunch instead of dinner because I made great time and would get a discount for returning my rental car within 24 hours. He gave me a tour and a Time Magazine with an article entitled Five Myths About the Economy. One of the myths was “the free market can fix it,” another “entrepreneurs drive the economy.”

I got snagged in horrible Chicago traffic, where I wondered about the innovative and courageous bureaucrats tasked with managing the transportation system.

Hard, intermittent rains fell for the last hour of my trip in Iowa, as the glow of the sun shown behind clouds before me. I arrived at my condo in the cool, damp evening and remembered the combination to my garage door. It opened on my first attempt, as if I had been there just yesterday. All my belongs looked clean and intact and the only smell was that of mothballs. A small, year-long worry vanished.

There were three racoons in the dumpster. I left the lid open.

I unpacked my car and hurried to the Cedar Rapids Airport, dropped off the car, $398 instead of $582 since it was just a single day. I have no idea why the cost of one-way rentals has skyrocketed. Then, excited by the turns of my life unfolding before me and feeling awake and alert, waited for my friend Regina to pick me up.

I think this will be a big year for me.

3 thoughts on “My Garage in Iowa

  1. Ed Kroposki

    Roman said, “I think this will be a big year for me.”

    In what way? Have you introduced Regina to your mother?

    Or, are you running for political office? Now that Ron Paul is retiring the country needs someone in house to call a spade a spade… Or help in the Senate. Someone to take Jim DeMints place. He believes in term limits and already has said he is not running for reelection.

    In fact he is looking at sailboats.

    You are aware he was behind Fed Audit Bill in Senate. And he got Bernie Sanders, an acknoledged Socialist, to co sponsor the bill thru Senate. Image that. But who will have courage to confront the estblishment after he is gone? Roman?

    “It now takes $7 of debt to produce $1 of GDP growth…The combination of implicit debt forgiveness and the wide spread between the lending and deposit rate has been a very large transfer of wealth from household depositors to banks and borrowers. This transfer is, effectively, a large hidden tax on household income, and it is this transfer that cleaned up the last banking mess. Peak Trader- Arthur Albert Eckart”

    Ed K

    1. Roman

      Returned to Iowa after a year in Ukraine. I was pleased to see all my worldly possessions dry and intact in my garage.


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