One thought on “My Interview With Sweden’s Mises Institute

  1. Klas

    Thanx for an amazing interview, best assessment of this Ukrainian revolution ive heard yet.

    One good thing that you did not mention is that you fantastic Ukrainians are developing a culture of protest. This is so important. Us swedes have absolutely nothing of this. But you have both your insurgents against stalinist (stalinist!) ussr, the orange revolution and now this. There is nothing more important. Because if there is one constant in human affairs it is that no matter how bright some political movement starts out, its gonna become totally corrupted with time. And people on top tend to be ruthless parasitical egomaniacs anyway. The ukrainians have a culture that can do something about these monsters when they get to much out of line. In my country, we do not. I wish we had some of your courage and strength.


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