My New Favorite Steak Place in L’viv

Fortunately, I found “The Гриль” (The Grill). It exemplifies kitsch: the host’s cowboy hat, vest, dungarees and boots, the rough, wooden interior, the map of the South-Western US painted onto the wall, leather-bound menus. What adds to the fun is the typical confused mixing of American styles and stereo types. The tables are covered with 50’s diner-style table clothes with checker patters and pictures of good, simple Americana foods like cherry pie, hamburgers and French fries.

It gets even stranger. For some reason, Ukrainian restaurants almost all serve pizza, coffee and sushi. You know you’re in a fancy restaurant when the menu does NOT include sushi. The Grill doesn’t pass this test, but I don’t care. The steaks are amazing!

The sushi section of The Grill’s leather-bound menus:
Roman in Ukraine

Roman in Ukraine

10 thoughts on “My New Favorite Steak Place in L’viv

  1. Andrii Drozda

    Yeah, great place to eat some meat :)

    My favourite places in Lviv

    Pub – Dublin, Zolota Husa, Korso, Prague
    Coffee – Svit kavy, Veronika, Manufactura Kavy, Shtuka, Spizharka, Stari Mury
    Place for dinner – The Grill, Kentavr (Centaur), Batyar and Tiki Thai :)

    1. Andrii Drozda

      Oh, I’ve forgot about live music places:

      Khmilnyi Dim Roberta Domsa, Gas Station, Kult, Dzyga, Hrushevsky, Kopalnia kavy (tonight there was a great fusion-band)

  2. Ed K

    Notice the fine foods and especially the metal steak plate.

    Then I recall reading comments about the new pope.

    I need to resolve several questions. There is the topic of
    elitism mingled with statements to accruing capital.

    The recent comments about the new pope say he
    made own meals over his own stove at his apartment.

    Then there are elitist who are illustrated by Elmer’s
    comments about would be oligarchs in Ukraine
    [or anywhere for that matter].

    Historically many famous entrepreneurs lived a life style
    similar to the new pope’s, simple, ordinary and not lavish.

    Here we have demonstration of alleged entrepreneur
    using valuable capital for fine steaks on hot metal plates.
    Whatever happened to Spam and peanut butter?

    Traditional obligation was using any extra monies to feed
    crumb snatchers and a special woman? So it must be asked,
    “Did Bastiat have a family?”

    How is this lust for fine food and coffee houses not ego
    centric? What do I miss?

    Does Bastiat’s scribings really not allow for traditional family?

    It was stated, “There are very, very few laws we need
    beyond the principles of self-ownership and property

    So this view prohibits traditional moral obligation of family?

  3. Ed K

    I have made this request before. So this is just
    an follow up. Regardless of ones position in the
    community there is always a need leaders.

    An important atribute of leadership is effective

    The world is full of organizations, clubs, voluntary
    associations, et al., but there is one organization
    dedicated to helping anyone become an effective

    One interesting aspect of this organization is that if
    one participates for a year that person will never
    be the same at a public venue.

    I am referring to:

    Lemberg Toastmasters Club – Club #: 988149, Dist #: U, Est: 4/7/2009
    Fedkovycha 60a, Lviv, 79000, Ukraine
    Meeting Time: Wed, 7:40 p.m.
    Club Status: Open to all
    Click here to email club

    It is easy to type in beliefs and comments on the
    internet. It is a step up to effectively communicate
    those opinions to others in person.

    I concede that there are some that this skill comes
    naturally. However, others have to work to become

    Ugh! Work! Effort!

    And the usual response it no time… and that is not
    an effective answer.

  4. Ed K


    Made a mistake.

    The speeches and workings of this group in
    Lvivare in English.

    To be effective in Ukraine, plain and simple,
    communicate in Ukrainian.

    Seems that the participants do not respect this.

    1. Roman

      1) I’m pro-elitism. I’m just sorry that the perception elitism, status, and luxury are tainted by those who’ve acquired their wealth by stealing. This doesn’t discredit wealth in itself, only the means of acquisition.

      To paraphrase an ancient Chinese saying:

      “In a well-run society, be ashamed of poverty. In a poorly-run society, be ashamed of wealth.”

      2) The best way to help unfortunate people is to sell them something they want at a price they are willing to pay, or buy something from them at price they are willing to sell it for.

      ps — I’ve attended the Toastmaster’s club a few times. Thanks for the encouragement. It was great fun. I even took home the ‘best speech’ award two of those times, though my native English ability makes for an uneven playing field.

  5. Ed K

    Solution is to found a Ukrainian speaking toastmasters
    group in Lviv. Sort of level the playing field?

    And you might get to know some outside your circle of contacts…

    Imagine expressing free markets in Ukrainian? And maybe
    bringing in some new deciples?

  6. Ed K

    May I suggest that you are confusing ‘elitism’ with ‘achievement’.

    The terms are very different in meaning and demonstration
    of achievement is not elitism.

    Furthermore, elitism by its definition can imply government control?

    Whereas achievement implies sucess thru effort, specifically thru work.

    Here is a good topic for your reseach and expository skills… and
    a time to revisit your beliefs of a few years ago…

    Here is a place to begin:

    Point out the term elitism herein?

  7. Ed K

    So you expect us to say hail Roman? King of Lviv?

    I said use your skills and use language, Ukrainian, which
    would be persuasive to 20 people on a street in Lviv.
    Or in that street market down by the Opera House…

    Professor Hoppe is o.k. in theoretical discussions
    but your goal should be to communicate understanding
    to Ukrainians on a street in their home neighborhoods.

    If you want to quote and discuss Hoppe you need a Ph.D.

    But your education and background will be fine on a
    wooden box in front of that restaurant with the metal

    Stand up, speak up and persuade the masses…
    or a few citizens of Western Ukraine…

    Give me your address and I will send you a wooden soap box, yes?

    “There are two primary choices in life: to accept
    conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility
    for changing them.” – Denis Waitley

    Here in Greenville, we used to have street preachers.
    That is until the Neo Marxist ran them off.

    Those guys had to practice their Sunday sermons
    somewhere. Go by that street market a couple of
    hours and practice?


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