New DPR Leader Boasts of Russian Aid: 30 Tanks, 120 Armored Vehicles, 1,200 Soldiers

New DPR Terrorist Leader Boasts of Russian Aid: 30 Tanks, 120 Armored Vehicles and 1,200 Soldiers Trained in Russia for 4 Months.

On 2:20 of the video Zakharchenko reports that the reinforcement received from Russia consists of 30 tanks, 120 armored vehicles and 1,200 troops, who have been trained in Russia for 4 months.
Yesterday, it was reported that Russian military convoy crossed the border independently of the “humanitarian cargo”, which consists of about 250 trucks, and which, according to Moscow, delivers “humanitarian aid” to the Luhansk region. Radio Liberty writes that reporters of The Guardian and The Telegraph witnessed the military convoy crossing the border near Donetsk after dark on August 14. According to the report, the convoy consisted of about 23 APCs, which were accompanied by logistics and vehicles. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu assured that Russian troops are not related to sending humanitarian aid to Ukraine.