On Tuesday, I’ll be giving a lecture about Bitcoin in Ternopil

Bitcoins — the future of money.


In 2008, a mysterious Japanese mathematician described what he called “peer to peer electronic cash.” In 2010, a bitcoin network had been established. One early bitcoin transaction was a pizza for 10,000 BTC.

Today, those 10,000 Bitcoins would be worth over a million dollars.

In New York City and Berlin, bars have begun accepting bitcoins. Cars have been sold for bitcoins. A Forbes journalist in San Francisco has lived only on bitcoins for a week.

In the last several days, California venture capitalists invested 5 million dollars in one of many emerging bitcoin businesses.

This is the future of money. It will change everything. Bitcoins will do to banking what email did to the postal service.

The speaker: Roman Skaskiw is an American of Ukrainian descent who recently moved to Ukraine and gained residency. He has a bachelors degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. He accepts bitcoins.

6 thoughts on “On Tuesday, I’ll be giving a lecture about Bitcoin in Ternopil

  1. Ed K

    Tuesday meeting? Speaker?

    Have you practiced your talk? Only perfect
    practice will yield perfect and meaningful presentation.

    Tuesday meeting? Is this a secret meeting as
    done in old anti Soviet ways in secret basements?

    Or is this a public meeting? Where and when?

    So you are moving up to elitist Ukrainian oligarch?

    1. Ed K

      Your reply is great disappointment.

      Facebook has too many issues for me to deal
      with. Same with twitter. Most do not evaluate
      security issues and data mining.

      Ever since internet was around, viruses and
      other malware were issues.

      Then comes along data mining.

      Is there information about meeting other
      than facebook. For those of us who refuse
      to join the ‘borg’?

      Young guy like you must ask, ‘Borg’?
      Facebook is almost there ‘Borg’.

      Just become a member of gelatin morphus mass…

      “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”
      ~ Ron Paul

  2. Ed K

    Get Rich Quick With Bitcoin Miner

    This small black box, which looks like a beefed-up Roku and burns as much energy as a light bulb, was built to do one thing: run hashing algorithms with the hope of winning Bitcoin’s cryptographic lottery.

    Bitcoin transactions don’t get logged by a central bank. It takes a peer-to-peer army of miners to watch everything happening on the network and then package that into blocks of transactions. To add an incentive for the people running these computers, the network is programmed to run a kind of lottery every 10 minutes. The winner gets 25 Bitcoins. That’s Bitcoin mining.

    So if you want to make Bitcoins, you need some high-end gear.

    Until recently, serious Bitcoin miners cobbled together their own systems, often daisy-chaining graphical processing units or special programmable chips called Field Programmable Gate Arrays. In the past few months, however, a new breed of computers have come online — Bitcoin miners built with custom-designed processors that generate Bitcoin hashes at astounding rates.

    The Butterfly Labs Bitcoin rig has been chugging along at an average of 5.5 billion hashes per second (GH/s) over the past week. In testing, it’s ranged from 4.86 GH/s to 6.15 GH/s. We’ve joined up with a Bitcoin mining group, the Eclipse Mining Consortium, that uses our processing power and cuts us in for a share of the coins it mines. With Eclipse, we’ve mine just over two Bitcoins in about ten days.

    That may not sound like much, but BTC 2 is worth about $220, and the Buttefly Labs miner sells for $274. So in just two weeks, those lucky enough to have snagged one of these rigs will have paid off the initial investment. Everything after that is gravy.


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