1917-Bolsheviks allying with Islam while slaughtering Christians “Your beliefs customs cultural institutions henceforth free and inviolable”

1917-Bolsheviks allying with Islam while slaughtering Christians “Your beliefs customs cultural institutions henceforth free and inviolable”

Many Muslims in the Russian Empire were attracted to the Bolsheviks’ anti-imperialist stance, due to the imperialism of Western powers over Muslim nations.[30] The Muslim Socialist Committee of Kazan (MSK; Russian: Мусульманский социалистический комитет) was established following the February Revolution.

Despite their hard anti-religious stance, the Bolsheviks in the years following the revolution and during the civil war, were in a very poor position to fight against Islam in Central Asia. Therefore, the Bolsheviks appealed to them as allies and promised them political independence and religious freedom.[30] Lenin even voiced admiration of Muslims who had fought against imperialism and saw Muslim folk heroes as emblems of the struggle against imperialism.[30]

In 1917 the Bolsheviks made this pronouncement to Muslims in Russia:

To all toiling Moslems of Russia and the East, whose mosques and prayer-houses have been destroyed, whose beliefs have been trampled on by the czars and the oppressors of Russia. Your beliefs and customs, your national and cultural institutions are declared henceforth free and inviolable. Organize your national life freely and without hindrance. This is your right. Know that your rights … are protected by the entire might of the revolution and its organs…. Support this revolution and its government![30]

Many Muslims embraced this call and saw this revolution as a means of empowering Islam. An influential group of Central Asian Marxists led by Sultan Galiev then took the initiative to try to reform Islam for the modern era and they were accepted by the state as a buffer between itself and the native population of the central Asian republics.[30]

Czech government tells its citizens how to fight terrorists: Shoot them yourselves

A couple of months ago, Czech President Milos Zeman made an unusual request: He urged citizens to arm themselves against a possible “super-Holocaust” carried out by Muslim terrorists.

Never mind that there are fewer than 4,000 Muslims in this country of 10 million people — gun purchases spiked. One shop owner in East Bohemia, a region in the northern center of the Czech Republic, told a local paper that people were scared of a “wave of Islamists.”

Now the country’s interior ministry is pushing a constitutional change that would let citizens use guns against terrorists.


The discussion of Jews and Bolshevism is restricted in Germany and on Twitter, apparently



Apparently a book called “The Jewish Century” by Yuri Slezkine celebrates the many accomplishments, including Communism.

From an Amazon review of the book:

Yuri Slezkine, in his book The Jewish Century, dedicates an entire chapter to the Jewish role in fostering Bolshevism. He provides the following facts:
• 40% of the founding members of Russia’s first socialist party, the Group for the Emancipation of Labor, were Jews.
• 60% of the communists who returned to Russia with Lenin on the ‘sealed trains’ were Jews.
• Over 40% of the Petrograd Soviet in 1917 was Jewish.
• About 25% of the Soviet Party’s Central Committee in 1919-21 were Jews.
• Lenin was part Jewish through his maternal grandfather.

• A majority of the “leading communists who took control of Russia in 1917 -1920 were Jews”. These individuals included Leon Trotsky (head of the Red Army), Yakov Sverdlov (Chairman of the Central Committee), Grigori Zinoviev (head of the Comintern), Karl Radek (Press Commissar), Maxim Litinov (Foreign Affairs Commissar), Lev Kamenev, and Moisei Urtsky .
• Half the key leaders in the Bolshevik central party in 1917 – the group that voted for the October 1917 revolution were Jews.
• Forty percent of the Military Revolutionary Committee in 1917 was Jewish.
• The first Soviet Politburo was over half Jewish.
• In the Ukraine, “Jews made up nearly 80 percent of the rank-and-file Cheka agents”. In other regions, Jews were also disproportionate represented in the Cheka.

New Ukrainian comics Volya

THE ‘VOLIA’ ALT-HISTORY STEAMPUNK COMICS BOOK, A FRESH LOOK ON THE NATIONAL HISTORY… “When me and my colleagues were digging in archival materials, we came across the photos of heavy bombers of the Ukrainian Republic: Zeppelin Staaken, navy, armored trains, Ansal aircraft of own production, armed forces, Skoropadsky’s luxury cars, pompous banquets Ukrainian delegation in Berlin and Kiev, Ukrainian Republic air fleet of 400 aircraft, little known territories of Ukraine far in Asia, etc. Then we’ve realized that it is extremely important to convey all we have seen to people in a cool form…


Polish PM on Manchester Attack: ‘Europe, Rise from Your Knees or You’ll Be Crying over Your Children Every Day’

The prime minister of Poland has launched a blistering attack on the “political elites” of Europe in the wake of the Manchester terror attack, warning the continent must put in place “strong politicians” willing to tackle the threat or risk “crying over your children”.


At the end of the left’s ideology, we do not exist

Swedish wiki page for Swedes in 2012:

>Swedes are an ethnic group native to Sweden, with descendants living in many other countries, primarily Finland, Estonia and the other Nordic countries, as well as the United States. Swedes originated from various Scandinavian tribes inhabiting what is today the country of Sweden.

Wiki page in 2017:
>”Swedes” is a term used to denote individuals, depending on the definition, with an association to Sweden. Whether or not an ethnic group called “Swedes” exist is dubious, and can in various contexts be linked to extreme ring-wing concepts of race and biological heritage.

Ukraine’s red and black flag

While most national flags represent lofty concepts like fraternity, courage, patriotism, etc, Ukraine’s blue over yellow flag, perhaps reflective of our demeanor, is simply the sky over fields of wheat.

So we need something more serious when the shit hits the fan.

The red and black flag is an old Kozak flag representing blood on the earth. It was also used by Ukrainian partisans during WWII who fought both the Nazi and Soviet Armies, and resisted the Soviets into the mid 1950s.

Religion in Ukraine (Razumkov 2016 survey)

Religion in Ukraine (Razumkov 2016 survey)

Eastern Orthodox (65.4%)

25% Orthodoxy of the Kievan Patriarchate
21.2% just Orthodox
15% Orthodoxy of the Moscovian Patriarchate
1.8% Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church
2% other types of Orthodoxy

Just Christian (7.1%)
Greek Catholic (6.5%)
Protestant (1.9%)
Islam (1.1%)
Roman Catholic (1.0%)
Jew (0.2%)
Hindu (0.2%)
Not affiliated with these religions (16.3%)
Other religion (0.2%)

Ukraine investigates 94-year-old Jewish veteran over nationalist’s death in 1952

The head of Ukraine’s Institute for National Memory, Volodymyr Vyatrovych, is attempting to follow model of Nazi persecutions and go after, Boris Steckler, a 94-year-old ex-NKVD agent who murdered the Ukrainian nationalist artist who made decorations for the Ukrainian nationalist resistance to the Soviet regime. Volodymyr immediately got accused of anti-semitism, even though it was nowhere in his accusation.

In an unprecedented move, Ukrainian authorities are opening a criminal investigation into 94-year-old Jewish WWII hero, Col. Boris Steckler, who is accused of having killed a Nazi collaborator.


Ukraine’s prosecutor general has opened a murder investigation against a 94-year-old Jewish Red Army veteran over the 1952 killing of a nationalist insurgent who has been accused of collaborating with Nazis.

The case comes amid a “decommunisation” campaign by the Ukrainian government, which has celebrated nationalist groups who fought the Soviets. If charged, the veteran could face a prison sentence.

The prosecutor general opened the investigation into the “intentional killing of two or more people on the territory of Rivne region in March 1952 by members of the administration of the state security ministry”, according to a copy of a letter posted on the website of the National Human Rights Centre, an organisation which has assisted nationalists facing prosecution.

The website said the case was that of Nil Khasevych, a member of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UIA) who, along with two other fighters, was killed by Soviet security forces in a standoff at that place and time.


Incidentally, Russia, which in certain circles portrays itself as a great ally of nationalists, is usually the first to throw around accusations of nazism and anti-semitism when there’s any expression of national pride or identity in Eastern Europe.