Why Was There a Ukrainian State in the Russian Far East?

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Revolutionary Russia
Green Ukraine (Zelenyi Klyn; Зелений клин, Zakytaishchyna) was a short-lived Ukrainian state that existed in the Russian Far East in the years of the Russian Civil War. In the years before the Russian Revolution Ukrainian settlers had moved to the region and after the October Revolution of 1917 Iurii Hlushko (“Mova”) proclaimed a Ukrainian state. First it sought union with the Ukrainian National Republic (UNR; a.k.a. Ukrainian People’s Republic; UPR), but later went for full independence. The state would be dissolved in the early 1920s and would make way for the communist-oriented Far Eastern Republic that would be dissolved also.
History Hustle presents: Why Was There a Ukrainian State in the Russian Far East?

Forced religious conversion in occupied territories

forced conversion to Russian Orthodoxy are being perpetrated on Baptists, Pentecostals, Catholics and Ukrainian Orthodox members in Russian occupied areas of Ukraine

The Kremlin’s virtual squad (2009)

Political forums on the internet are relatively new for the Russian public. They’re today’s “universal kitchen”, where public opinion is “cooked up”. Users report that before 1999 such forums were fairly homogenous sociologically. 70-80% of the audience consisted of like-minded people of liberal and democratic convictions, representatives of the Russian middle class and Russian-speaking émigrés.

However, in a mere four years this has all changed. Suddenly, totalitarian opinion makes up 60-80% of all posts on Russian political forums! This dramatic increase does not correspond to the spectrum of public opinion. It diverges significantly from data of internet voting on key problems of modern Russian life.

For example, today 80% of participants on all web forums criticize the USA aggressively and monotonously. But on sites where you can only vote once from one computer, 84% of Russian speaking internet users support the USA…You find the same with attitudes to the Chechen war, support/criticism of the Kremlin policies etc. Wherever voting is protected, wherever it is not possible to vote several times, surveys come to exactly the opposite conclusions from those on sites that are “unprotected” from repeat voting.


Absurdity is the Goal

Westerners STILL don’t understand. The goal isn’t to convince you, so pointing the absurdity of their propaganda isn’t a win.

Absurdity IS the goal — to make nothing true, and ridicule anyone who attempts to discover truth.

Only in such a polluted environment, are the whims of their Czar supreme, and the darkness of their history palpable.

Russian Books Promoting the Idea of Russia taking over the World


THREAD Let’s start a long thread about how Russian book market prepared Russians for a full-scale war against Ukraine, NATO, the West, and promoted stalinism and nazism, and how this was ignored by the West. Keep seat belts fasten, you will see a lot of nasty things here. 1/52

One of the first indicators of Russia preparing for a full-scale turn into dictatorship and a global war was the mass production of books praising Stalin and Stalinism and welcoming upcoming war against the West. These books appeared on Russian bookshelves in early 2010s 2/52


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A Russian Explains Russia – “We exist as long as we oppress others”

“We exist as long as we oppress others” – a Russian person explains how Russia works. According to him, Russia’s entire history consists of three recurring phases – preparation for war, war and reconstruction after the war. The empire cannot allow anyone to live better, so every country with a higher standard of living is an enemy.