Paid toilets — an economic mystery

First of all, please excuse the vulgarity of this post. I’m making a point. I took this picture a couple months ago at a bus station.

I had walked past an empty desk when a babushka came roaring out of some back room, gruffly demanding one hryvnia (12 cents) for the privilege of relieving myself amongst this sanitary beauty:

2013-04-26 14.34.06 2013-04-26 14.33.14

How is this travesty possible? Shouldn’t paid toilets be of better quality than the free toilets which businesses (McDonalds, among many others) make available throughout Ukraine?

Not so. Not at all. You see, the babushka is not a private owner. She’s not the innovative, risk-taking sanitation entrepreneur you might mistake her for. She is a bureaucrat squatting (no pun intended) on dilapidated, neglected Soviet era infra structure. What’s even more pathetic is the possibility that she paid a bribe to rise to her current position.

Oh, the humanity…

6 thoughts on “Paid toilets — an economic mystery

  1. elmer

    Welcome to bizarro, bass ackwards, upside down Zookraine.

    There are plenty of these sovok-era holdover “jobs” in Zookraine.

    The Party of Regions and the commies are currently scaring people via political talk shows about how there will be no jobs if Zookraine joins the European Union.

    I guess this is part of what they’re talking about.

    And, of course, what they really mean is that if Zookraine joins the European Union and has to adopt European standards, it will have to get rid of a hugely corrupt, sovok mafia system of “state.”

    As yanusvoloch, the brainless idiot lardutt convict “president” of Zookraine would say: “velcome in Zookraine.”

  2. Ed K1981


    It is great to see your comments.

    I see Ukraine and the European Common Market as
    a loss for Ukraine.

    The common market and Euro are bureaucratic institutions.
    Not much different from your “sovak era comments”.
    The bureaucrats that run the common market are for the
    most part no smarter than you. And I would suggest many
    less intelligent!

    I do not accept that such persons would do better for Ukraine.

    Read some of Patrick Barron’s comments about European Banking.

    On my first visit to Ukraine, I met many very smart people, but
    people smart on one subject does not make them smart on all

    As an illustration, look at Roman. Is he smart with ladies?
    Does he have trusting partner? Or does he jump to sly smiles?

    Ed K

  3. elmer

    I beg to differ, Ed K

    First, look at Germany, Poland and other countries of the European Union.

    Their economies are far larger, and far more prosperous than that of Zookraine, which has a ball and chain around its neck – stifling sovok mafia oligarchs, stifling sovok mafia system, and huge corruption.

    I will never, ever forget the video of a thug in a leather jacket stomping on an old woman’s tomatoes in a flea market in Zookraine – apparently, she had not paid the correct bribe.

    How can any country be prosperous in that type of condition?

    There are many bright people in Zookraine – but they have been held down.

    And Zookraine has another problem – they can play chess, but they can’t think.

    They allow a convict brainless idiot president, yanusvoloch.

    They allow worthless turds into power, like Olena the Clucking Hen Bondarenko, who just called the opposition rallies in Kyiv “immoral.”

    They can play chess – but they can’t think.

    As far as the toilets are concerned, it is symptomatic of Zookraine.

    Zookrainians sneer and laugh at Canadians for refusing to use the toilets. They claim that Canadians are “soft” and are “babies” for not tolerating horrendous toilets.

    But they go to McDonald’s, precisely because Mickey D’s has clean toilets.

    In Zookraine, instead of going for excellence, they strive for the bottom, and then make excuses for it.

    Tymoshenko’s challenge was “let’s form the best government in the world.”

    Instead, what Zookraine has is a toilet, consisting of yanusvoloch, Chechetov, Kozhara, zArazov, Ganna German Goebbels, Olena the Clucking Hen Bondarenko, etc. etc., etc.

    And plenty of excuses as to why the toilet is OK.

  4. elmer

    I look at Ukraine’s entry in the Eurovision song contest – as corny as that contest is.

    And then I look at Zookraine and see sovok mafia dour faces – zArazov, lardbutt brainless idiot yanusvoloch, and his son, bag of dough Pshonka and his son, Lyovochkin, Chechetov, Ganna Goebbels German, Olena the Clucking Hen Bondarenko, Kozhara, Akhmetov,, Pinchuk, Kolomoisky, etc.

    And I look at the paid toilets.

    And I shake my head and wonder – why is Zookraine such a toilet?

  5. Ed K

    Your reply and retort and illustrations were great!

    I had this same debate about 8 years ago with a guy from
    Ternopil while we had a meal there.

    Understand that the Soviets and Marxism have methods.

    In Eastern Ukraine especially but also after WWII in Western
    Ukraine they simply did away with any who did not agree with

    Ask Roman why his parents left.

    My heritage is apparently in Eastern Ukraine, although as child I
    was lead to believe my grandparents were from near Lviv.

    I am lucky that my great grandfather walked from the left
    bank to near Lviv.

    I have tried to find the town/village where he came from.
    It does not exist today.

    Germany has had a very different way of economic development,
    and the same with Poland since the end of Soviet tyranny.

    What you see in Ukraine is corruption that has evolved from socialism.
    How do you few who distain that corruption change it?

    Roman suggest giving each Ukrainian a gun to put a halt to corruption.

    The problem is the numbers who recognize corruption and are
    willing to fight such. Those willing to fight are lesser in number
    to those who live the system.

    This is the way things are. You are a minority. You want freedom
    and the larger number wants you to be their slave.

    Ed K


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