Pat Buchanan: “Is Putin the Irrational One?”

Curt Doolittle’s response: I think you understand the Putin strategy, although you do not seem to have added the obvious problem that Russia has enormous borders and a thin population – which has historically been accosted from all sides. Their only defense is a strong offense.

Second, if Putin is in fact, an ethno-nationalist, (I agree that he is) then he should just say so. Because a lot of the west would support him in that position for, as you mentioned, the same reasons we support the jews. Conservative support would be overwhelming.

Third, but the problem he has in convincingly making that argument, is that his government is profoundly corrupt, extractive and predatory on its own people. By contrast, it’s very obvious that membership in the EU is life-alteringly superior for eastern Europe – at high cost to western europeans.

Fourth, Russia has nothing to offer the world or its orbit other than oil and gas. Russian occupation is a net negative for any economy that it influences. (See the Economists’ report.)

Fifth, all he had to do was offer all Russian-Crimeans dual citizenship, and then ask for a referendum – one which everyone would support. It was completely unnecessary to use military occupation with a foregone conclusion.

Russia must reform it’s systemic and pervasive corruption. It is too heavy a burden on the people for the people to compete on the world market. Without reforming corruption, Russia is just a rogue and predatory militaristic state with nothing to offer the world.

An ethno-nationalist Russia that suppresses corruption offers something wonderful to the world.

One thought on “Pat Buchanan: “Is Putin the Irrational One?”

  1. Ed K

    Buchanan said:

    “Consider the world Putin saw, from his vantage point,
    when he took power after the Boris Yeltsin decade.

    “He [Putin] saw a Mother Russia that had been looted by
    oligarchs abetted by Western crony capitalists, including

    “In 1999, we bombed Serbia for 78 days, ignoring the protests
    of a Russia that had gone to war for Serbia in 1914.

    “He [Putin] is perceived as having stood up to the Americans
    and answered our Kiev coup with his Crimean counter coup.

    Buchanan concludes,”If the people of Eastern Ukraine wish
    to formalize their historic, cultural and ethnic ties to Russia,
    and the people of Western Ukraine wish to sever all ties to
    Moscow and join the European Union, why not settle this
    politically, diplomatically and democratically, at a ballot

    What Buchanan fails to realize is that Russian hegemony
    is not what ethnic Ukrainians, Tatar, et. al. want. Ukrainians
    all to well know of the Holodomor. Tatars know the
    deportations of 1944. And others know of other such atrocities.

    Buchanan fails to appreciate that honest, fair and unintimidated
    voters would not vote for Putin’s ways! Putin uses propaganda
    and distortion of facts. Putin uses fifth column, paid thugs, and
    spetsnaz to influence the media and world perceptions.

    Cheating, misrepresentation and thugery are not the will
    of the citizens. That is what Buchanan is failing to appreciate.


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