Photos of SBU agents preparing for Maidan slaughter

The pictures shared exclusively with The Daily Beast show members of a crack anti-terrorist unit known as the Alfa Team in the courtyard of the headquarters of Ukraine’s feared state security service, the SBU, preparing themselves for battle. The agency’s seven-story headquarters occupies an entire city block and is just three streets from the Maidan.

The SBU is the successor intelligence agency to the Ukrainian branch of the Soviet-era KGB and it still maintains exceptionally close ties to Moscow. For many years “leading SBU functionaries came from the KGB,” says Boris Volodarsky, a former Russian military intelligence officer and author of the book The KGB’s Poison Factory. He says Russia’s intelligence service, now known as the FSB, has made sure over the years to maintain deep penetration of its Ukrainian counterpart and to ensure that its “agents and associates remain in place.” That was easily done during thepresidency of the pro-Russian Yanukovych.

3 thoughts on “Photos of SBU agents preparing for Maidan slaughter

    1. Roman

      I posted it here:

      My take:

      It’s certainly alarming– The possibility that the snipers were instigators either from the opposition or the New World Order.

      It’s unlikely / unimportant for two reasons:

      1) Even before the snipers started their horrible killing, the regime already killed protesters, kidnapped them from hospitals, and resorted to many hooligan tactics.

      2) This late in the protests, both sides had guns. So it’s possible that protesters were shooting police with the same types of weapons that police were using against the protesters.

  1. Ed K

    If you understand Putin, he would give orders to kill some of his
    own if it served his purposes. As a KGB Colonel, Putin signed
    death orders. Years ago before he was President of Russia, he
    said he did. Understand that many in that unit were trained
    by the FSB.

    Putin wanted Crimea for his friends. He is following the same
    methods as Sochi in giving plums to his close associated.


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