Planning A Basement for Our Home

Today I reminded my wife of something.

About a year and a half ago, we debaed whether to build a home in Ukraine or move back to the US. We went pretty far in the home-planning process, and had architects make and revise plans.

My wife didn’t want a basement because she perceives them as creepy. I said it’d be good to have one in case of artillery.

I told the architects the same thing when we visited the lot together, and we all laughed.

In the end we removed the basement from the plans, and then cancelled the plans altogether, making the very difficult decision to remain in Lviv and then move back to the US.

The cancellation was informed in part by it being too close to the border with Russia. So that was wise.

Instead, we build a second story onto the home of my in-laws. Yesterday, they jokingly hoped no rocket would crash through their new roof.