4 thoughts on “Police have abandoned an attempt to dislodge anti-government protesters from their strongholds in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

  1. Ed K


    Article said, “This was the massive proof that
    EuroMaidan is not about its leaders, that it’s
    truly the will of the people.

    Yanukovich said he wanted protest leaders to
    come to him and discuss the situation.

    He is under delusion that he is dealing with
    oligarchs and dictators.

    Someone needs to educate him that he is dealing
    with 500,000 Ukrainians who have retained ancient
    genetic code for individual freedom.

    Leaders are chosen by councils not appointed by
    political parties.

  2. Myka

    Guys, please remember that kIEv is the capital of USSR or just name of this city in Russian. It should be kYIv. Kyiv is the correct way to spell it


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