Public Transportation Bluster in L’viv

Email from my friend Andri this past Sunday:

Today we have an conflict situation in Lviv: owners of carrier-companies require from the city-administration to rise the price from 2 hryvnias to 3. Otherwise they will stop working on 20:30 every day. The city-mayor aswered: this is intimidation, your requirement can’t be satisfied till you won’t buy more comfortable buses. Carriers promise to start strike on Monday :) Some other details about the situation – owner of the biggest carrier-firm is a deputy from Svoboda. We have three private firms but I don’t know if they are subsidised from city or state budget. Private owners shares the carrier-market of city with one municipal firm which started using big second-hand buses from Europe. Major demands from the private carriers to drive the same class buses.

A member of my English club wrote this essay several months ago about public transportation in Lviv:

The case against nationalized urban transport


As far as I can tell, no actual strike took place. Several people told me before the supposed deadline (Monday), that it wouldn’t happen. It was just the necessary bluster which the voting public must hear before a last minute solution by hard-working and concerned politicians was found.