Relatives Skyping w/ Mom

Relatives visited me a few Sundays ago. Here’s a picture of some of us Skyping with my mother in NYC.

I’m proud myself for hosting so many people, though I think I may have committed a faux pas by serving a meat other than fish (kobasa and salami) on a Sunday during lent.

One of the most culturally interesting moments came when I was gathering dishes. Two of my nieces ages 10 and 12 not only insisted on clearing the table themselves, but washed them all despite my telling them not to. Later, after some coffee and desert, my third niece, perhaps feeling jealous of the thanks I offered her sister and cousin, did it herself, then asked me where I kept the broom.

“I’ve lived here five months and I haven’t seen a broom,” I told her. She found one anyway and swept the kitchen.

Holy moly!