Report: Ukrainian partisan unit involved in executing Russian General, two policemen

Ukrainian guerilla Unit “Shadow” revenged Russians and terrorists for shelling the bus near Volnovakha. Major General of Russian Army and 2 policemen from self-proclaimed Donetsk “People” Republic (DPR) were excruciated – Crime.In.UA – January 20, 2014 (+18)

Major General begged about mercy and proposed $1 million to save his life. After reply of guerillas, “we are not selling our motherland” and interrogation major general was executed.

On January 18, 2015 guerilla Unit “Shadow” provoked fight between “policemen” of Luhansk People Republic (LNR) and Russian army servicemen. As a result 30 LPR “policemen” and 10 Kadyrov Chechens were killed. As reported by Crime.In.UA on January 14, 2015 guerillas blow up 2 Ural trucks with terrorists in Novoazov district, Donetsk region. 22 DPR terrorists and 4 Russian army servicemen were killed, 8 Russian army servicemen and 5 DPR “policemen” were wounded.

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