Reports of Israeli Soldiers Seem to be an Exaggeration

So, the rumor had a reliable source: an interview with Dmytro Iakosh, the leader of the core protester group known as “Pravi Sektor” (Right Sector). It was published in this magazine:

I have a paper copy.

The journalist ask whether it’s true that a “sotnia” of Israelis was among the protesters. (There was never any mention of soldiers.)

“Sotnia” can mean the military unit “company” or a hundred people. Also, in Ukrainian, the PC word of “Jew” is the same as the word for “Israeli.”

Dmytro Iakosh replies that it was less than a “sotnia,” then adds that Belarussians and Russians were also among the protesters.

That’s all we get.

I can understand why Israel would be interested in weakening Putin, but there is definitely not enough here on which to build a narrative of a conspiracy. It looks to me like these protests were home grown.

Jews have a long turbulent history in Ukraine. Hasidic Judiasm was invented in Ukraine. There is much travel between the two countries.