One thought on “Rescuing survivors from aftermath of Ilovaisk Disaster. Video. [Ukrainian]

  1. beaureguard

    Putin has worries?

    Maidan in Kiev was a peoples response to a tyrannical
    and corrupt government.

    Antimaydannogo is Russian transliteration for Anti-Maidan.
    Investia reports “Russian regions began forming antimaydannyh
    teams, which together with the law enforcement authorities will
    prevent anti-government, acts of provocation on the part of non-
    system opposition to overthrow the constitutional order.”

    “Their main task will be the protection of the constitutional system
    of the Russian Federation, including the prevention of various
    provocations …”

    This article and its thesis demonstrates Putin’s fear of peoples’
    response to tyranny. He demonstrates use of old Checka, KGB,
    Soviet fear and methods of losing control of totalitarian

    He must have information that there is opposition in
    Russia to Putin.


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