River Cruises along the Dnieper River

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Favorite Sights Along the Dnieper River

The Dnieper River offers an abundance of wonderful sights, many of which have enamored
tourists for hundreds of years. The area along the river is rich in history that can spark your
imagination with images of times long passed. The combination of its historical significance
and its natural beauty make the Dnieper River one of the most exciting trips that you can take in
Europe. When you visit, make sure that you set aside time to see some of the favorite spots along
the river.

Sights of Kiev From the Dnieper River

Kiev’s origins stretch all the way back to 482 CE, making it one of the oldest cities in Europe.
Over hundreds of years, the city has grown into a thriving metropolis with more than 2,000,000

While floating down the Dnieper River, you can enjoy some special views of Kiev’s historic
landmarks. The illuminated bridges connecting the river’s coasts are a relaxing sight that evokes
the tranquility of Ukraine’s peaceful times (the Nicholas Chain Bridge is particularly delightful).
Kiev, however, has been maintained through struggle against numerous opposition forces. The
Mother Motherland Statue honors those lost in the German-Soviet War. Its statue’s figure stands
above the city with a shield and sword lifted to the sky. Even those without Ukrainian roots may
feel inspired by this statue.

View the Countryside from the Dnieper River

Travelers floating down the Dnieper River will pass several important cities, including Kaniv,
Nikopol, and Kherson. All of these cities offer their own unique views. Some of the most
wonderful sights, however, come from the countryside that stretches between these cities.

The Ukraine has a reputation for its stark, industrial cities. The rural areas, however, are the
exact opposite. Spring is a wonderful time to visit. On your trip down the river, you can view
fields of wildflowers and trees in bloom. During summer, you will feel honored by the river’s
lush greenery that shields the water from outside forces. The fall, of course, offers its own
beauties as the tree’s leaves start to turn.

It is difficult for many cruise ships to navigate the Dnieper River during winter. The frozen
ice makes certain areas troublesome. As the ice begins to thaw in spring, though, travelers are
treated to a miraculous site.

Consider reading several reviews of Viking River Cruises to help you determine what season you would like to explore the Dnieper River. Having more information about specific cruise options will help you choose the one that fits your particular interests.

Traveling on the Dnieper River

Regardless of whether you are interested in spotting remarkable pieces of art, magnificent
buildings, or stunning views of nature, the Dnieper River can give you a vacation that will
encourage you to return time and time again. To truly experience the area, you might consider
booking a cruise that allows you to visit notable cities along the journey. That way, you can stop
to visit the historic sites and museums in person. Seeing them from afar and up close is the best
way to truly appreciate the beauty of this region.