9 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Ukraine

    1. Andrii Drozda

      He has a clear vision of situation and defend American people interests. That’s what the man who truly loves his country should do

  1. elmer


    He is full of shit.

    If the US and EU had started imposing sanctions 3 months ago, none of the current tragedy would have happened.

    It is in the interests of the US to have the Rasha become a democratic country.

    As it is, a small, weird psycho KGB dictator is opposing democracy in Ukraine. Why?

    The Rasha supplies nuclear materials to Iran for nuclear weapons.

    The Rasha has caused over 100,000 deaths in Syria by supplying a dictator with weapons to kill his own people in Syria.

    Vlad Dracul Putler is using the old sovok union technique of stirring up trouble everywhere, just to stir up trouble and try to project “power” – at the cost of many human lives.

    Putler is a psycho. He needs to be taken out. So do Lavrov and Dugin and Glazeyev and all the psychotic sovok leftovers.

    Ron Paul, on foreign policy, wants to stick his head up his own head and pretend that there is world outside of the US.

    It is not the first time that the US has had isolationists.

    Obama, on the other hand, thinks that he can simply give speeches, and everyone is supposed to listen. What a putz.

    The US has finally imposed visa sanctions against the criminal thugs in Ukraine – it’s about time.

    The EU is finally imposing sanctions – which they should have done months ago.

    As it is, the criminal rats are leaving Ukraine by private jets, to Austria and elsewhere.

    When Ukrainians finally stand up for themselves, Ron Paul wants to stick his head up his own ass.

    He’s just a country bumpkin from Kentucky.

    He has no idea what the interests of the US are.

  2. elmer

    Roman, I have no disagreement that Ukrainians should stand up for themselves, and they have done that.

    In fact, Ukrainians have just shown Europe what European values are all about.

    I have no disagreement that Ukrainians should not rely on others to do what they should do themselves.

    But asking people to help fight crime and evil is perfectly OK.


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