Russia as the “the only white people who failed”

From Curt:

(apologies to my educated Russian friends, but I have to engage in reverse propaganda when I am attacked.)

—“I understand. it is hard to be Russian: the only white people who failed. The only people who make the wrong decision every time: tatar and mongol rule by decree over natural rights rule of law, orthodoxy over catholicism, communism over capitalism, creating a false history of the muscovites over accepting the failures of their factual history, a monolithic economy over an diverse economy, a military economy over a technical economy, superstition and pseudoscience over optimism and analytic science, respecting postwar borders, and violating postwar borders, using the internet to educate the 70% of ignorant Russians without access to information over intentional propagandizing of the media in order to maintain the ignorance of rural Russians of the corruption of their government. Why is it that Russians, whenever they have the choice, make the wrong choice? Imagine had the germans won, and saved Russians from themselves. What a better world we would live in without the social, economic, and political cancer that the Russians produced in the 20th century. Russians: the only white people who failed.”—