Russia is “cargo cult” of Soviet empire.

One Russian’s perspective:

Help Ukraine. They have terrific outsourcing shops and consulting firms. Send them business if you can. Recent revolution would unlock even more creative force in this economically modest, yet energetic country. They are the first large group of ethnic “russians” who become free on their own power and valor. To understand the scale of that achievement, here is the last group of Russians who were not ruled by khans, czars, communist chairmans or KGB generals: Free Novgorod Republic. That was over 1000 years go. Ukrane was a cradle of Russian civilization – they might become a source of it rebirth yet again. . . .

Personally, I’m thinking to start calling myself Euro-Slavic instead of “Russian”. It’s a flimsy defense, yet Russian brand, after already being tainted with gulag and the rest of its toxic legacy, is now synonymous with mass murder of innocent civilians. There is nothing of value left to recover.

2 thoughts on “Russia is “cargo cult” of Soviet empire.

  1. Beauregard

    The whole posting is a good read.

    But keep in mind to watch out. A cornered animal strikes out in unpredictable ways.

    The “Don” aka Putin is being pushed into a corner.

    Anticipate a Black Swan Event.

  2. Beauregard

    This article is good.

    The flaw is he follows Putin’s line that Ukrainians
    are really Russians.

    Even those that speak Russian do not think of
    themselves as Russians.

    Here is interesting comment:

    “If Kiev government survives, it will fairly

    quickly unlock economic benefits of non-mafia,

    free economy. The large parasitic class living

    by bribes and extortion will be displaced…”


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