Russia steps up oppression of Crimean Tartars

@CrimeaEU · Sep 17

Tatar Mejlis attacked by FSB. Russian occupation regime resorts to open repression #RussiaInvadedUkraine

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EU Crimean Tatar @CrimeaEU · Sep 17

Russian FSB brought the iron safe of Cemilev and took personal belongings, all the money of #Crimean Tatar leader in #Simferepol

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  1. beauregard

    summary of on line postings:

    Putin Draws His Own ‘Red Lines’ across Post-Soviet Space
    by Paul Goble


    “Putin’s actions are sufficient, “to demonstrate to
    anyone who is still not convinced that the Kremlin
    leader has a far larger agenda than “only Ukraine,”
    one that completely undermines the 1991 settlement
    and even that of 1945.

    “Yana Amelina, a well-connected Russian analyst,
    says that Moscow’s annexation of Crimea is “a
    precedent for South Ossetia and the entire post-
    Soviet space,” the most expansive Russian
    interpretation yet of what Putin intends…

    “The non-recognition of the results of the Crimean
    referendum by the West, Ukraine and Georgia,” the
    Russian analyst continues, “demonstrates only the
    failure by these states to understand both their own
    place in the world and that this very world has
    irreversible change and never again will be what
    it was before.”

    “Moreover, everyone needs to recognize that there
    are three reasons why “Russia in no way can be
    limited to a single Crimea.” First, she says, there
    are millions of Russian speakers in Ukraine who
    are suffering from repression and need to be
    protected. “Moscow will not leave its brothers to
    the caprice of fate.”

    “Second, Moscow must “solve the fate of Trandniestria”
    now caught “between Ukraine and Moldova, and
    “this will be possible only after the re-unification
    of Russia and Novo-Rossiya,” in short although she
    does not use this term by Russian occupation of all
    of southern Ukraine and possibly more.

    “And third, “the entire post-Soviet space, above
    all in the Trans-Caucasus direction awaits reformation”
    by Russian action.

    “Georgia which has been Ukraine’s ally should
    “reflect upon the further existence of its state or
    more precisely of what [currently] remains of it.”
    Given Iranian and Turkish interest in a transportation
    corridor in this region, “’the Georgian question’
    again is acquiring particular importance.”


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