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Why is it, that throughout their history, at every opportunity, Russians consistently make the wrong decision? What is it that Russians incorrectly intuit about the world? Why do they have the lowest trust most corrupt nation of all the white peoples? Why is it that Russians are the one white people who have failed.

If any people was ever incapable of self government, it’s Russians. If any people was less capable of governing others. It’s the Russians. What is it about the Russian character that causes them to consistently fail? What metaphysical assumption about the nature of man and his relationship to the world is so flawed that unless tightly bound to europe they contribute nothing to legacy of white people? Why is it that western peoples have dragged the entire world out of ignorance mysticism sickness and poverty, while russians try consistently to reverse the trend by dragging those white people near them into their failed civilization?

Why is it that Russians have nothing to offer the world other than corruption, violence, fear and poverty?

Why are Russians the only white people who have failed?

Curt Doolittle

Forget moral equivalency. Go with the facts. Russians have the market on corruption, brutality, oppression, and have destroyed every white nation that they have touched with their corruption. And murdered more of their own people than any white people in history. Russians have nothing constructive to offer the world, and everything they do causes suffering.

Russians yet again had the opportunity to act as the military and resource wing of the european peoples. To expand their influence across the top one third of the globe. But rather than join the western miracle, and correct it’s weakness, Russians choose to yet again double down on corruption, violence, predation, and the spread of their corrupt culture.

The only moral objective for white people is to remove Russians from self determination, and the conquest and oppression of others, the same way we forcibly civilized other nations.

Russians are the only white people who failed. And they seek to drag other white people into their failure with them.

Russians abandoned their opportunity at restoring aristocracy, and forming the aristocratic class of white civilization in order to expand their corrupt and predatory failed culture to a few hundred kilometers to the east. Never was a decision was more short sighted, and foolish.

What is it about Russian genes, culture, values or perceptions that causes them to make the wrong decisions, always, and everywhere, at every opportunity? Why are Russians the only white people who have failed?

Never has a people had greater fortune than a weak civilization to it’s west, a collapsing hegemonic empire across the seas, and nearly infinite resource wealth, and geographic space. Not since england mastered the seas, has a numerically small people had the opportunity to expand through commerce and trade, including the trade of military protection, across so much of the earth’s surface. Russia could have led the world through resources, military hegemony, and commerce.

But they chose to expand corruption and poverty instead.

Why are Russians the only white people who have failed?