Russian Actor, Putin Critic found dead

Outspoken actor who fought Putin’s hatred and corruption found dead… In 2010 he urged fellow actors, artists and musicians to boycott “ultra-patriotic, propagandistic, chauvinistic, anti-Semitic, or pro-Stalinist feature films and television projects” and “agitprop documentaries”.

4 thoughts on “Russian Actor, Putin Critic found dead

  1. Beauregard

    There was a time when a fellow was critical of fiat currencies
    then he was seduced by a computer fiat currency.

    There was a time when a fellow referenced a pre WWII writer
    named Garth Jones. That same fellow spoke of being a writer.
    And then we get the abyss.

    Garth Jones wrote of the Holodomor. The Holodomor was an
    event that was created by Moscow, albeit called the Soviet Union.

    Today we see the makings of a second Holodomor coming. Again
    the media fails and there is little courage to speak out by the
    supposedly able.

    We get internet postings from Kiev about a propertarian[?].
    A would be philosopher who fails to see the second Holodomor
    marching to him. He sounds like the old New York Times, yes?

    Why do the young and able fail to speak out about history repeating?

    The over the hill gang looks over their shoulder and asks, have they not read history, and understood what happened?

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    1. Roman

      This time we are too strong for them. :) It will not repeat.

      Furthermore, there’s a chance of this invasion backfiring against the Russian government and the Russian people, finally becoming free — though the chances remain small. They have a 400 year history of valuing strength above all else.

      1. Beauregard

        Let us look at the current picture. He is using divide and
        conquer. Strength might not be the complete answer.

        So, “This time we are too strong for them.” Just may
        not be accurate.

        Use of the word we is noted. Saying good bye to country
        of birth claiming ancestral origins. Deep down the natives
        will think of you as interloper.

        The answer is to return to place of birth and persuade
        others the real history of Ukraine.

        Evil does not want light. No one is saying Putin is trying to
        make second Holodomor. If many sources yelled about
        this concept, then he might have a problem, to include
        citizens of Russia.

        Where are scribings showing what Putin is doing…

        Where are scribings comparing electric fiat currency to
        government made fiat currencies. Snake oil and not gold.


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