Russian Invaders Freed from Detention in Odesa


Prisoners released as pro-Russia activists storm Odessa police HQ
More than 60 activists detained during violence that led to people being burnt alive in trade union buildling set free.

A group of pro-Russia activists has stormed the police headquarters in the southern Ukrainian city of Odessa and released scores of prisoners detained at the scene of deadly violence on Friday that culminated in people being burned alive in a trade union building.

In the pouring rain, men armed with clubs battered their way into the building through a vehicle entrance.

Ranks of riot police offered no resistance. When crowds burst into the compound and began smashing windows and wrecking police vans, officers agreed to release the activists.

Men and women, many in tears, emerged from the door of their cell block and left through a tunnel of cheering supporters. Local police said later that 67 people were set free.