Russian media claims its paratroopers died in munitions explosion during a drill.

Photos of the graves of the recently buried Russian paratroopers in Pskov, officially died in munitions explosion accident during a drill (Russian medias)

Killed in action in Ukraine, sent back to Russia in “humanitary convoy trucks” (real world)


  1. walt

    This quote below is a follow up to a reply you made to my comment about the Lithuanian diplomat being killed. You said, ” Europe needs to bring back the warrior.” For many decidence makes people passive but other influences are also an improtant factor.

    “If a nation becomes convinced of its own unique wickedness, how will it defend itself? People do not generally fight and die for something they believe is wrong”
    It was in reference about the convincing of America that it is evil, from;

  2. Beauregard

    Our host has been following Twitter. And maybe
    Facebook and other social media.

    For years, actually since I began communicating with
    Ukraine, I said internet communications were being
    followed by intelligence agencies.

    It is important to understand that social media is a
    target of snooping:

    I understand that this forum is watched and evaluated.
    But using Twitter and Facebook, et. al., is very problematic
    because super computers look for just single words. And
    then the knock on the door? Or car bomb? Or meeting a
    thug on street?


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