Russian Nazis in Ukraine (collection of links)

Sevastopol, unknown date, 2011 or 2014

Nazi salute in pro-Russian meeting in Donbass

Dugin talks to E. Gubareva, separatist leader (in Sevastopol)

Pavel Gubarev and RNE (more, also Mika Ronkainen)

Pavel Gubarev in Donbas

Russian neo-nazi Anton Raevski identified in Odessa

Nazi identified amongst "anti-fascists" during Crimea referendum

Maria Koleda (see Ukraine captures Russian social worker / accused Moscow spy)

Observers of Crimean referendum

This guy.



And outside Ukraine:
#Russia|n fsb & Neo-nazi Yulia Kharlamova is a new face in the Kremlin’s propaganda apparatus:
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Russian neo-Nazi, sadist, mercenary interviewed on Russian television:


Gennadiy Dobovoy and others


Nazi tattooed Russian mercenary captured in Shyrokeny, June 2015:

See the tattoo @3:23