One thought on “Russian Politician Proposes Removing “Russian” part of California

  1. Beauregard

    It was said, “Russians are increasingly a liability.”

    According to Wikipedia, Russia was paid in cash and notes…

    This is just more of Mr. Putin’s mental issues about his territories.

    Now is time for Ukraine to demand plebiscites in adjacent
    lands the while the speak Russian were historically Ukrainian
    in ethnicity.

    Language and old maps do not tell truth as to who the general
    population believe who they are. Conquest and force do not
    change ethnicity, merely tell who government is…

    Sending hacks to make noise will only interest naïve.

    —————— // —————–

    “Talking” to tyrants legitimates them. Dictators go to
    great lengths to conjure up the perception of authority
    and permanence. They are particularly anxious to do
    so for domestic consumption, to ensure their continued
    rule. To the extent that outsiders recognize, to say
    nothing of embrace, them, it enhances their stature at
    home and validates their misconduct on the world
    stage.” Frank Gaffney, Jr.


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