Russian re-writing wikipedia

I received this email:

Dear friends, yesterday i noticed serious changes on Wikipedia page “History of Ukraine”. A month ago it was listed the History of Ukraine: 44,000 years on the right column, today this information is not listed, no chronology of historical facts with dates! But history of Russia a month ago was listed as from 9th century (in column on the right). NOW, today – it’s starts already as “pre-9th century” and Kievan Rus is presented as Russian’s history. Also, it is added so many additional historical facts that are Ukrainian history. I guess Russia gained more centuries in history for last month and re-wrote it, stealing history from Ukraine. If anyone of you or your good friends are professional historians, please help to correct it. Or, please send this to historical organizations who can correct it. We have to do the modifications according to the real historical facts. Thank you.