PERFECT EXAMPLE OF RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA: Russian Reporter Beaten by the Pro-Yanukovych Thugs he Attempted to Glorify Now Claims it was Maidan Activists

Two months ago, I posted this footage of a Russian reporter beaten by the pro-Yanukovych thugs he had attempted to glorify.

Topaz’s pro-Yanukovych hooligans beat journalist trying to glorify them:

On Russian television, the journalists says anti-Russian Maidan activists beat him:

He says “I told them I’m a Russian journalist from Moscow and that was it. The conversation finished. [because they started beating me.]”

Incidentally, the thug in the video, Topaz, was captured by protesters and released unharmed. (See here, and here.)

He returned to Kharkiv and was part of the Pro-Russian demonstration that killed two people. (See here.)