1. walt

    Unbelievable stuff, here are some main points from that article,

    “Russia is moving tactical nuclear weapons systems into recently-annexed Crimea while the Obama administration is backing informal talks aimed at U.S. is CUTTING tactical nuclear deployments in Europe.”

    Also this insanity

    “On the Track 2 talks between Russian experts and a group hosted by the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the program leader was identified as ANTI-nuclear arms advocate Sharon Squassoni. ”

    Folks, “We will have peace in out time”
    don’t berleive me, Obola removed the bust of Winston Churchill from the White House.
    Folks, yes reincarnation does happen, Obola was once Neville Chamberline.

  2. walt

    Any comments on this comment,
    from John Schindler, https://twitter.com/20committee/status/520767327047266304

    “Insider estimate is that under 2% of documents that #Snowden stole & betrayed had anything to do with any #NSA domestic programs. Hmmmm…”

    and this,
    “John no use in pointing this out. The Snowdenistas will go to grave with their man a hero… Not to mention timing of this, too ”

    Was this an influence operation or was he conscious of what he, snowden did


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