1. Michael

    But modern war is low intensity 4GW, and Russian successes in Crimea bear out their expertise vis a vis the quagmire of America’s recent adventures. In a slugfest with trainloads of draftees being fed into the grinder, NATO technology has an advantage, but in social manipulation/ low intensity/ propaganda war, Russia is in the lead for now.

    1. Roman

      That’s a good point, Michael.

      I refer heavily to the different conceptions of war in this essay: http://smallwarsjournal.com/jrnl/art/a-look-at-russian-civilization-power-truth-trust-and-war

      Russia sees war as never-ending and relies on opportunism and social manipulation.

      The west sees war as a means of resolving problems, and relies on technology, tactics and maneuver.

      So Russia always attempts to steer even into an in-between space between peace and war, because it can neither win in peace nor in war.


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