Russians circulating this map of Ukraine


Russia is a failed, fractured union of many ethnic groups. Ukraine is the culture they strive to be. They cannot countenance a united, self-conscious Ukrainian people.

8 thoughts on “Russians circulating this map of Ukraine

  1. Olga

    The pic is a true reality. The text below is raving nonsense of stupid or/and spiteful person or a person who is doing drugs. The flag in the west is a flag of ukrainian nazis that was collaborating with Hitler during war, executing his orders and killing polish, ukrainian, jewish etc people during WW2. Qiut pushing propaganda and let it be peace.

    1. Mary

      The pic isn’t a reality. The flag in the west is a flag of Ukrainian Insurgent Army, the organization who wanted piece and independence for their country. Soviets were attacking Ukraine in that moment so they needed a partner to fight them. When UIA declarated that there would be independent Ukraine, nazis killed some of them. From that time ukrainians started to fight nazis as well as the soviet army, because they understood that Hitler lied and that he only wanted to get a new territory for Germany. UIA also fought against polish army, which wanted to add ukrainian territories to their country. People from Russia very often don’t know the history of Ukraine that well, because they don’t want to, they only want to believe in their myth about nazis, Bandera and violent ukrainians.

      1. nouhthy

        UIA did not fight polish army first, UIA murdered polish, ukrainian and jewish civilians with immense cruelty. I don’t give a sh*t for your propaganda, UIA is a band of scum. When they started volhynian slaughter, polish army had to organise self-defence civilian troops and yes, then, after seeing what your rabble does to civilians, they indeed tried to fight them, then the soviets came in. Ukrainian bandits avoided clashes with regular polish troops, only seeking to raze villages, with smiles on their faces.

        Now you glorify them. Your heroes and patriots love the idea of slaughtering their neighbours. No historical “oppresion” could possibly justify this brutal slaughters. Justyfing it is not only laughable, but it only shows Russian propaganda is kinda ccurate.

        Your national heroes are bandits and murderers, and you only feel proud when you scream: “rezat Lachiw”.

        F*ck you sincerely from Great Britain.

  2. Nik

    People posting such pictures and comments are russian saboteurs. Don’t listen to them. Ukraine is indivisible country attacked by russian special services and mercenaries.

    1. RomanInUkraine Post author

      I know. Pathetic Russians work int he Troll house in St. Petersburg. There have been stories of the trolls not getting their promised pay too. They are low trust polity who drag surrounding civilizations into poverty, ignorance, and depravity.


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