Russians Lie

Right after Minsk 2, they already said that they do not recognize the parts of Ukraine held by the Ukrainian military as actual Ukraine, therefore it’s their duty to “liberate”.

Russians are liars. Truth telling is a value of western civilization. For Russians, words are just sounds meant to distract enemies.

Otto Von Bismark — “A treaty with Russia isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.”

General Patton — “The difficulty in understanding the Russian is that we do not take cognizance of the fact that he is not a European, but an Asiatic, and therefore thinks deviously. We can no more understand a Russian than a Chinaman or a Japanese, and from what I have seen of them, I have no particular desire to understand them, except to ascertain how much lead or iron it takes to kill them. In addition to his other Asiatic characteristics, the Russian has no regard for human life and is an all out son of bitch, barbarian, and chronic drunk.”

Remember this: For Russians words are just sounds meant to distract enemies.

In Russian society there is no shame in lying, there’s shame in believing. Of course Westerners lie too, but they’re embarrassed then they’re caught. They hide it and/or deny it.

In Russia, the person who feels shame is the sucker who believed somebody. Russians consider westerner extremely weak and naive for reacting so strongly to words — for assuming that words have any connection whatsoever to the real physical world.

This is why Russians are so bad at cooperating with each other, much less with outsiders.

(Just to be clear, I condemn Patton’s racism against Asians. Those were different times. His general impression is relevant.)