2 thoughts on “#Russia’s rhetoric regarding #Ukraine is shifting from anti-Nazi to anti-Jewish.

  1. Ed K


    Great stuff.

    I am glad you are around.

    I do not spend all my time on politics. Some of it is on economics:

    Headline that should be flashing:

    “Star Parker does not have the occupational license to claim
    to be an economist, but she has the requisite common sense
    necessary to understand what is happening in the so-called
    economic world. Here is her commonsense take on the

    “The headline that should be flashing in front of us is
    that today, well into the sixth year of the Obama
    presidency, the American economy, once a dynamic
    engine of growth, is still a wheezing, struggling,
    underperforming clunker of an economy.

    “We should be making a direct connection between
    this and the imposition of the Affordable Care Act on the
    American public.

    “Just as the Emperor was exposed by a child who saw
    the obvious, non-economists often expose economists.
    Data dredging and sophisticated techniques are no
    match for common sense.

    “That is especially so for economists with politically left
    leanings who attempt to cover the emperor’s nakedness
    in vain.

    Monty Pelerin


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