1. Beauregard

    FSB getting ready to replace you?

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    Consider this:

    It was asked, “what a survey of the opinions of American
    academics would reveal” about Stalin.

    Recall who asked the question.

    Ask what he has scribed about the actions of Putin versus Stalin.

    I never claimed to be writer. Yet younger fellow made
    such claims and where is production?

    James Michener wrote how many books? How thick were most?

    One liners on transient media is not writer. Ink still matters.
    Gold still matters, yes?

    Here is illustration by another old guy:

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    Peasants With Pitchforks … Against Nuclear Weapons
    By Monty Pelerin

    Visions of peasants with pitchforks marching on
    Washington are increasingly popular metaphors
    for solving the mess in Washington.

    Many believe, correctly so in my opinion, that
    Washington will not discipline itself. No political
    solution can remedy the problems caused by
    more than a century of political deterioration.

    A New Founding?

    Washington loves power and hates constraints.
    Its progressive deterioration in integrity, morality
    and respect for the law has reduced it to behavior
    similar to that of organized crime. Its practice of
    tyranny is astounding.

    If government cannot or will not solve its own
    problems, what is left? Some believe this point,
    expressed by Thomas Jefferson in late 1775, has
    been reached:

    Believe me, dear Sir: there is not in the British
    empire a man who more cordially loves a union
    with Great Britain than I do. But, by the God that
    made me, I will cease to exist before I yield to a
    connection on such terms as the British Parliament
    propose; and in this, I think I speak the sentiments
    of America.
    Times are different today. People are softer and
    more easily bought off with “bread and circuses.”
    Government is wealthier and has more bread and
    circuses to pass around.

    Does the concept of peasants with pitchforks even
    apply in today’s society?

    The approach appeared to work in the old Soviet
    Union although tyranny and repression held the
    country together for more than seven decades. Are
    we at the beginning of our seven decades or near
    the end?

    Have we reached the time “[w]hen in the Course
    of human events it becomes necessary for one people
    to dissolve the political bands which have connected
    them with another and to assume among the powers
    of the earth, the separate and equal station to which
    the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them”?

    For those of us who love liberty and understand its
    role in this country’s rise to Greatness, it is easy to
    reach such a conclusion. But today is not 1775.
    Different problems and obstacles stand in the way.

    Government and The People

    Never before has the US government been so
    indifferent to the wishes and will of its citizens.
    A long list of grievances could be cited although
    the following three demonstrate adequately the

    ◾A Rasmussen poll of likely voters says that only
    12% favor increased Federal Spending. Yet that
    is exactly what the new budget agreement ensures.

    ◾Overwhelmingly people want to keep their current
    healthcare, yet it is forcibly taken away.

    ◾ObamaCare’s defects and failures magnify, yet
    there is no thought of postponing the unnecessary
    pain. Control and power must be served and citizens
    must (literally) be sacrificed on this altar of the State.

    Government is powerful and arrogant. Tyranny
    describes its behavior. The will of the people is
    ignored. If necessary, it is clubbed away. Those
    who object or speak out are retaliated against,
    generally by some massive government agency
    capable of destroying them.

    Politicians are concerned about advancing themselves.
    Washington has become a parasitic class, devouring
    the essence of productive citizens and destroying
    their incentive.

    Have we reached the point where our forefathers
    were driven to pen the Declaration of Independence?
    That document was considered treasonous by King
    George. Does anyone think that our current government
    would not view it similarly? Imagine someone highlighting
    this part of the Declaration:

    … whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive
    of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to
    abolish it …

    Is this still a “Right?” The answer to that is obvious, yet
    it used to be. Two centuries ago it was a reflection of the
    collective content of our character. Today few know where
    the quote came from. Those with limited education might
    guess Karl Marx. Such is the state of education and serfdom
    in the country.

    We are on the path to ruin traveled so often by other
    nations. Politicians have no incentive or intent to reverse
    this course. Few even understand it is happening.

    Reversing it can only be accomplished by reducing
    State power and control. That has never occurred
    willingly. Tyranny will continue to expand until people
    are driven to actions similar to those of our Founders.
    Will that action be seventy years from now or is it
    much closer?

    What Would Happen Today?

    Understanding where trends lead and altering
    them are two very different things.

    History provides clues as to how the State reacts
    when threatened. It strikes back with ample force
    and fury. The United States will be no different.

    Indeed, history shows that the US behaved this
    way earlier in its history. The Civil War was a
    massive and despicable example.

    On a smaller scale, a little known episode occurred
    about eight decades ago. My version of government
    history, as taught in government schools, conveniently
    ignored this event and for good reason. It was shameful
    behavior on the part of government. Let’s review the
    period briefly.

    World War I had recently ended. Government was
    much less powerful and arrogant then. A new club,
    the income tax, had recently been enacted but was
    still small in terms of its funding. The New Deal of
    Roosevelt had not yet occurred. The Constitution and
    integrity and honor still mattered. Government was
    trusted and we still had heroes.

    Eisenhower – see the essence of the State, even in
    these more idyllic times, watch this video.


    Do you think any similar attempt would not be
    dealt with more harshly today? Then try to reconcile
    the role of history’s heroes — Douglas MacArthur,
    Dwight Eisenhower and George Patton — with their
    roles in this event. It seems as though they were on
    the wrong side of this skirmish.

    Given the criminals in charge today, what do you
    suppose would be the reaction to peasants with pitchforks?

  2. walt

    Roman, regarding your twit about Ghost riders video, the words starting at 2minutes 17 seconds are most interesting.

    Beauregard , I read your text insert and saw the video, capitalism certainly has it’s problems, but ruSSia and communism are all problems.

    1. beauregard


      Understand that the writer is a proponent of Mises and Hayek.
      He is a member of the over the hill gang. I momentarily forget
      where he got his Ph.D., but unlike other well educated went into
      the business world and done good.

      My purpose in posting the article is to illustrate that writers can
      make a living and write.

      His scribings offer insite and motivation. However, we need
      assertive young writers to continue telling the stories of what
      the economics of freedom is…

      I have been marching to such a drum beat for many years. I
      have been ostracized and criticized for marching to this song.

      Thank you for reading and replying. Please continue.
      Have you read the words of Pylyp Orlyk?

      Reading those old scribings is not an easy task. Nor is reading
      the works of Israel Kirzner of New York University. Kirzner is wordy,
      but leaves no doubt what he is trying to say.

      People who communicate in tweets fail to grasp the whole story…
      and one liners do get the response that Monty does…

  3. beauregard


    I am getting old…, If I do not write it down, I forget
    where it came from.

    Was this site posted on this forum? It is a good read:


    And it has a good quote:

    “… leftward compromise must end. To survive, we
    need 50 years of “compromise” in the other direction.
    by Bryce Buchanan

    Again, thank you for taking time to read that long winded blast…
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