Secret history of sex in the USSR – Searching for the Truth

Female members of Komsomol were required to give themselves to male memebers upon request.

Bureaucrats had a coupon-system for sex (rape).

It all started with the 1918 revolution.

In 1929 there was a change of heart, and the history of sexual depravity was erased.

Komsomols were given 3 women. Honored party member, 5.

1922 “down with shame” nudity movement in Moscow and Petrograd. Followers of Freud and Wilhelm Reich.

Civil marriages started to replace religious ones.

Head of GPU organized orgies — in one, the men all dressed as priests.

Love communes.

Nymphomaniac Alexandra Kollontai (former aristocrat) was a key figure.


Alexandre Kollontai eventually tried to re-instate marriage after finding a man she loved.

Westerners go on sex tours to Russia.

Komsomol leaders introduced sexual initiation for female members.

Orgies after communist reading parties.

Village Soviets advertise: “Join the Komsomol and get laid!”

One of the rules: “Each member of the Komsomol, and any student of the worker school, had the right to satisfy his sexual needs.”

January, 1918 Decree: Women between 17-30 can still be used by their husbands, but must submit to other men. Maximum 4 times a week & 3 hours each time. But only if man pays 2% of wages to the National Generation(?) Fund.


One town’s decree. All women over 18 are property of the state and must register with ministry of free love. (Party members received coupons.)

Men queued around the block for coupons.

Orders (warrants) were written and given to women to accompany men.

Youth organization would break into homes and rape women in front of husbands. In early 1920s, children began to be born. Many children killed by mothers. Syphilis epidemic.

Red army creates special units to fight Syphilis.

Lenin tries to real back in the debauchery. Tried unsuccessfully to restore norms. (He was already weak and ill.)

Alexandra Kollontai becomes increasingly jealous of her love. She creates marriage registry system and marries there. But husband continues to practice free love, including with Alexandra’s secretary.

Kollontai requests that Stalin banish her from Moscow. She became diplomat to Canada / Norway. She get shot for treason.

Stalin bans sex education and psycho-analysis. Promotes monogamy.

Develops 12 sexual commandments of proletariat.
1. underage sex is harmful
2. abstinence before marriage
3. monogamy

12. report any depravity to the party

Sex vanishes from encyclopedias.

1936 Shestokovich opera accused of too closely resembling a creeking bed.

Venus De Milo pornographic


Krushchev – anti-masturbation programs.

Breznev – Sterilization and branding for perverts. Proof of virginity after newly weds copulate.

But elite had a staff of whores, porn, and orgies.

Krushchev era scandal when female student jumps from Moscow apartment. Minister of Culture had Harem of students and was engaging in an orgy with high ranking bureaucrats.

Movies heavily censored of sex scenes.

Western clothes catalogs served as porn.

Actual porn begins to spreads quickly despite punishment by imprisonment.