Sensitive Son

I fear that Danylo is too kind for this world.  He often brings his mother flowers. I don’t know where he got the idea.  Usually he mangles them, because he does not yet know how to carefully pick them.  Sometimes he brings only fistful of colorful petals.

Sometimes he is impatient and demands things, but it’s never too much.  Before trying a new activity, he likes to first watch from a distance for a little while, and then going into it. 

I try to nurture a spirit of being rough and physical. I always compliment bruises and scratches, telling him that’s good – that’s how boys are supposed to be. He seems to get over little falls and bumps pretty well. We wrestle a lot.  I like pushing him to the edge a little bit.  He usually loves it, laughing and screaming for all to hear.