Short Fiction: Для загального добра

It’s nice to see that not all Ukrainian writers from the early part of the previous century were calling for socialism. It’s a shame that those who were, most notably Ivan Franko and Lesia Ukraiinka, now have monuments to them all over the place and appear on Ukraine’s money.

The only reason they haven’t passed into the dustbin of Ukrainian literary history is that they wanted a separate Ukrainian socialism instead of joining the greater workers’ paradise. That is the lone criteria for being a hero to Ukrainian nationalists.

Anyway, here’s a writer with a better understanding of how the world works:

2 thoughts on “Short Fiction: Для загального добра

  1. Ed K

    “When we go without sunshine, we
    can even get seasonal affective
    disorder (SAD); people who suffer
    from this disorder get depressed
    during the times when there’s not
    much sun, although they’re typically
    fine in the warmer, sunnier months
    of the year. SAD is most prevalent
    in places where there are scant
    sunlit hours in the winter…”

    So, is selection of morose and depressing
    topics for discussion related to exposure
    to sunlight? Or lack of exposure?

    further reading:

    Where are the Ukrainian writers, host
    included, who expound on the happy
    and uplifting topics?

    One of the effects of socialism is to depress
    the human spirit. Are the methods and tools
    used by Marxism related to lack of sunlight?
    Is corruption related to lack of sunlight?


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