Spring Pics

Beautiful L’viv

Lviv Fashion Show:

Me vs. a Cat (I never thought this would work. I am the hunter!)

A Brief visit to Kyiv:

Some guys playing with matches:


    1. Roman

      I changed the way I post pics because it saves me a lot of time. I didn’t realize it caused a comment problem. I’ll look at it when I have more time…

  1. Ed K

    So our elitist host declines connecting comments
    submitted under pictures to comment key?

    These are a great set of pictures of Ukraine. But I
    do not use bitcoins so cannot send bribe for moe.

    I would warn our host that fancy fashion models have
    high economic taste contrary to what they may tell him.

    Does the fancy model accept payment in ‘bitcoin’?

    Have you sent your mother gift in Bitcoin? Do they
    come out Ukrainian bitcoins?

    Well it was good to know you when you were
    Ukrainian American.

    Morphing into elitist oligarch is interesting to watch but
    does not feed the horses.


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