Statue of Bandera

In L’viv, a statue of Stephan Bandera is guarded 24/7. In other parts of Ukraine statues of Lenin are guarded 24/7. The state should not be the arbiter of history.

Bandera Statue Lviv

Bandera Statue Lviv

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  1. elmer

    It’s obvious that you have missed the “Big Politics” and other TV talk shows where people literally scream at each other about Bandera, Stalin and Hitler.

    Bandera stuck in the sovok’s craw for a very long time, because they couldn’t get him for a very long time – it infuriated the sovoks to no end.

    They finally assassinated him in Munich – KGB agent.

    The still carry flowers to lenin statues on Sunday.

    Brutally brainwashed people.

  2. elmer

    In Ukraine, the homo sovietici are still fighting WW II.

    One of the best things about Ukraine is TVi.

    Here is an interview with Anatoly Hrytsenko, in which they show a brilliant clip:

    Celebration of V-E Day in Brussels, versus the 2010 “celebrations” in Ukraine.

    If you had any doubts that Ukraine is still a homo sovieticus country, with still heavily brainwashed downtrodden people, this should erase them.

    Click on the segment on the left showing the interview with Hrytsenko.

    About 15 minutes into the program is when the side-by-side comparison begins.

  3. elmer

    Since you’re in Ukraine, you might as well have a bit of information about Bandera from his grandson:

    Bandera was brutally villified via false sovok propaganda, and the sovoks brainwashed the population about him.

    Even today, you can drive all of the homo sovieticus in Ukraine into apoplectic fits just by mentioning his name. They spit it out like it’s a curse, and if they call you a “Banderivets” they expect you to fall down on the floor, confess your guilt, go to the nearest statue of lenin, and turn yourself in to the SBU, while apologizing for your sins.

    I did not realize until a few years ago how pervasive and brutal this brainwashing was.

    In the meantime, they literally taught the writings of lenin to all the young “pioneers” and everyone else as if it was the Holy Gospel.

    You are absolutely right – states should not be arbiters of history.

    1. Roman

      I know villagers who feared the Barderivtsi as much as they feared the Soviets. These are people with no agenda and no reason to lie to me.

      I’ll eventually post the story about how they killed by grandfather’s brother.

      I have some experience with insurgencies, having had two combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. I think insurgencies attract many of the worst people who wear the cloak of the insurgency’s respectable purpose. They fight for plunder alongside the ideological motivated soldiers. It becomes difficult to distinguish the two.

  4. Ed Kroposki

    Elmer and Roman,

    This was a good exchange. There is much misinformation about Bandera from both the Nazi’s and the Soviets. Also, there is historical evidence which I have read in the past but unable to reference here about the KGB pretending to be Bandura supporters but actually commiting atrocities making others think Bandura was responsible. Because of the amount of disinformation the truth will never be known.

    Ed K

  5. elmer

    Roman – no agenda?

    Ask these people why they “feared” the Banderivtsi.

    When the commies first came to Ukraine in 1917, they had a debate about class versus nation. Lenin did not believe in nations – well, except for Russia. Rosa Luxemburg thought that nations would simply melt after socialist revolution – a sort of Zionist view.

    Ukraine – well, as usual, Ukraine did not know. Without going into details, some stood up for Ukraine as a nation, others decided that they did not care and supported Maskva.

    There was a people’s republic based in Kyiv in 1917; there was a sovok government in Kharkiv at the same time. The Red Army acted as russifiers, and captured Kyiv, before Germans occupied Ukraine in 1918.

    In 2 and one-half years after that, there were 7 regimes in Ukraine – German, Commie Russians, Commie Ukrainian, White Russian, nationalist Ukrainian, anarchist (Makhno, who simply wanted to give land to the peasants, which is all they cared about), and Polish.

    For a short time, there was a Ukrainianization program.

    But – ever since then, it’s been an attempt to destroy nationhood by the commies. Including Ukraine. And “populism” and “hooliganism” and “nationalism” were part of the sovok commie lexicon, as things to be condemned, from almost the very beginning.

    How can Ukrainians be “insurgents” in their own land?

    And so we see today, especially with the Victory Day “celebrations,” the fallout from all that.

    Ed – you are right – a ton of misinformation and deliberate disinformation.

    One thing remains true, Roman, as you said – states absolutely cannot be arbiters of history.

    1. Ed K

      Elmer, I sit here for the moment awaiting a phone call. Around 4 this morning I read an email. It referenced a commentary by a Ukrainian Autocephalous Priest from New York City.

      While it is based on trials of Demjanjuk, it references the inaccurate and disinformation about Ukraine’s 20th century struggles. There is floating around the internet an article which analyzes Banderas supposed activiities in the Rivne area. What the article essentially said was there was false information instigated by the KGB and KGB gangs make to act in Banderas name committing atrocities on the local population. The article pointed out that Bandera was made to look anti Semitic. Yes he did kill jews in the area. But it was Soviet supporters and collaborators.

      With that background read this article:

      Understand the context of the Nazi’s. Yes the Nazi’s used Ukrainians as guards. In many cases it was simple choice. Either guard or get shot.

      Understand the context of Soviets. They were brutal to any opposition and even brutal to bystanders.

      So, there are those in Ukraine who have this background before Ukraine became independent. It will take time to move forward.

      Ed K

  6. elmer

    I read the article – thanks.

    And even Jews acted as guards. Terrible times.

    It will take time?

    How many times have I heard that excuse.

    Ed K, they learned how to steal in a split second, and have been doing it for 20 years.

    And they learned how to put a “democratic” spin on all their raping, robbing and pillaging of the country.

    And the spin includes the continued use of sovok propaganda about “nazis”.

    They’ve now added “foreign NGO’s” to the drumbeat. “Foreign funded NGO’s” are now the great evil in Ukraine, to add to the “nazis.”

    Ukraine is a horror movie that you can’t get out of, just like “Groundhog Day.”


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