Steel Workers Patrol E. Ukraine’s streets, restore calm


MARIUPOL, Ukraine — In what could represent a decisive turning point in the Ukrainian conflict and a setback for Russia, thousands of steelworkers fanned out Thursday over the city of Mariupol, establishing control over the streets and routing the pro-Kremlin militants who seized control several weeks ago.

By late Thursday, miners and steelworkers had deployed in at least five cities, including the regional capital, Donetsk, though they had not yet become the dominant force there that they are in Mariupol, the region’s second largest city and the site just last week of bloody confrontations between Ukrainian troops and pro-Russian militants.

The workers are employees of Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine’s richest man and a recent convert to the side of Ukrainian unity, who on Wednesday issued a statement rejecting the separatist cause of the self-styled Donetsk People’s Republic but endorsing greater local autonomy. His decision to throw his weight fully behind the interim government in Kiev could inflict a body blow to the separatists, already reeling from Russian President Vladimir V. Putin’s withdrawal of full-throated support last week.

1. Imagine what they could do if they were able to buy/sell guns.

2. I want them to have a referendum, but it’s impossible while Russian intelligence agents and special forces are running around murdering and intimidating Ukrainian activists.

One thought on “Steel Workers Patrol E. Ukraine’s streets, restore calm

  1. lundgren

    A complicated ethnic , rather language situation isn’t really understood in the halls of industry, commerce,
    or among the Bildeburgers, banks, especially from the West at odds with Russian resurgance
    and Ukrainian poverty – financial collapse . It’s a borderline time, especially about borders,
    drawn from the Soviet era, and put into place [ eternity or history ? , please ] ,
    by three drunken communists at a hunting lodge, all deathly afraid of the game ,
    seduced by their images.
    The present crisis is a Media War, and will get worse.
    Ask Sasha Rybak to intervene, and reach the warring factions, teach you about Ukraine’s
    really basic destiny with music – all kinds. Then contact Miha Pogacnik at Castle Borl
    Slovenia, who can tell whether all you doubtful performing artists ( think the chymical
    marriage ) have any political potential.
    Us Scandinavians wish you well; we know violence too. My heart goes out to the dead,
    and their beloved ones. Anon.
    A real person’s site, would thank me in a reply : the only net junkies I esteem. Anon


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