Subconscious hatred of Ukrainian’s is a villian’s hatred of being discovered

There’s a well-known expression from Vynnychenko, that states, “Where the Ukrainian question begins, the Russian democrat disappears.”

Has no one ever wondered why this is so?

I came to an interesting conclusion on this after I had a conversation with a guy, who is a history major; he was coming back from the ATO on furlough to Kyiv, to his wife and small child. Returning from my lecture tour, I picked him up in Cherkasy and took him to Kyiv.

He told me an interesting story from a village in the Luhansk region. He used to buy milk from this very old woman who was well over 80 years. He went to her on purpose, precisely because she had a furious attitude toward Ukrainian soldiers, but nevertheless money came in handy for her, so she sold milk to those whom, in reality, she truly hated.

This old woman was herself from Russia. She was brought to this village when she was still very little by her parents, who were deliberately transported here by the Soviet regime. People were relocated to this village where over 90 percent of the villagers died of starvation during the Holodomor period. Russians were settled in those exact homes where Ukrainian peasants used to live, and where they died of starvation along with their entire families. And this old lady hated with passion everything Ukrainian, because she understood that at one time, her parents were given that which originally belonged to Ukrainians. They did what looters do; appropriated from those killed by them.

That’s why such a subconscious hatred developed in this old woman, of those who may be considered descendants of Ukrainian villagers who were victims. This hatred is based on fear of exposing the previously committed crimes.

We are seeing the same thing happening on a subconscious level to the vast majority of Russians. They understand that – by their own [Russian] grandfathers – at one time for Ukrainians their history was stolen from them, the name of their people, and all that is the foundation of the nation. And that’s why there is such hatred for everything Ukrainian–a denial of Ukrainian traditions, language, and cultural heritage.

Because if they admit that all of it was stolen, then it becomes clear that most of what Russians now call “historically Russian,” does not belong to them. It’s just something that they seized from other nations at some point in a very brutal and cunning manner. It’s the hatred of villains, who are afraid that one day the crime will be called a crime, and what was stolen, as stolen.

It’s no wonder that so often one can hear from totally intelligent Russians, this emotional thought that the question in general is not about Ukraine or Ukrainians, which on a subconscious level they have never recognized as a distinct nation. The question now lies in Russia itself. If they recognize Ukraine and Ukrainians, it will become inevitable to admit that they themselves are the descendants of those who once lived in Kyivan Rus–Ukraine. And then the whole concept of the “Russian world” will crumble to dust. That in reality, they have nothing of their own. Everything [they have] was at some point violently taken from others.

That’s why right now the fate of the Russian empire is really being decided. If Ukrainians preserve their sovereignty, then the final collapse of this prison of nations is only a matter of time. Moreover, I’m convinced that we are not talking decades. It’s a matter of several years.

6 thoughts on “Subconscious hatred of Ukrainian’s is a villian’s hatred of being discovered

  1. walt

    Very good analysis. “when that old lady speaks of someone she say more about herself then she does about that someone” in other words people project their hatred for themselves to others. Just like the ruSSian propaganda about Ukraine is really projection of what ruSSia really always was.

  2. walt

    Roman, after the Grosny attack there has been some suggestion that it might have been false flag attack by russia, time will tell. But on John Schindler’s twitter feed a few mentions of this past Schindler article on russian provocations and false flags.

    Here is a particularly interesting exchange of a commentator and Schindlers’ response,
    the commentator, (uses name tag as ess), quotes from John’s article.

    ess emm permalink

    “Ukraine’s Security Service, is now attempting to reign in far-right groups like the Right Sector (Pravyy Sektor): not only are they potentially dangerous to democracy, they may be on Moscow’s payroll too. This has come to a head due to the death this week of the notorious far-right activist Oleksandr Muzychko, AKA Sashko Billy, a vocal hater of Russians and Jews, who fell in a murky shootout with police in the Western Ukrainian city of Rivne.”

    1. I’m confused, was Raider-capped gangster Muzychko on Moscow’s payroll, or a Russian hater?

    2. “Potentially” dangerous? Right Sektor thugs already violently overthrew the democratically-elected Yanukovich government.

    3. Regarding “murky shootout”, I saw security cam footage of Muzychko being separated from his group, thrown on the ground, and shot like a dog. Maybe no shootout at all?

    Just have a hard time believing Right Sektor guys are Moscow dupes.

    20committee permalink

    Talk to Ukrainian security folks.
    End of quote,

    this was blog post from March 29, 2014, I am not throwing mud at anyone here, but John too might have had a bad Uki security contact who wanted to throw mud at right sector. There were certainly alot of bad SBU guys then and there still might be.
    This also is interesting in light of the artilce I posted here recently about a “mix of views” of a jewish member of right sector. Any thoughts?

    1. Roman

      I think everything is true:

      1. There a lot of extremely patriotic self-sacrificing Ukrainians in Right Sector. I know some of them.

      2. Russia, as always, tries to create Nazis when it can’t find them. I’m sure they try to radicalize Svoboda and Right Sector.

      3. There have well publicized showings of cooperation between Right Sector and the Jewish community, like the cleaning up a vandalized synagogue in Odesa.

      1. walt

        On point #2 “russia trying to radicalize” certainly russia will spread radicalizing propaganda, certainly they will try to have infiltrating agents try to radicalize Svoboda of Right Sector. But do you think russia had any success in infiltrating these organizations, the way Schindler suggested?

  3. walt

    Roman, This following statement and link might answer the question I posted above on point 2.

    This is an excerpt from the hacked files of russian security service, where they show interest in immigrants from Ukraine who enter russia potentionaly as subversive agents.

    “the measures taken to identify the immigrants from Ukraine who are wanted, previously convicted, and on the run, as well as specially trained supporters of the right radical group – the Right Sektor, who are acting under the orders of Ukrainian SBU (intelligence service):”

    Now was this leak a provocation, I think not likely.

    1. Roman

      wow. I hope its implication is true — that Ukraine is also capable of offensive intelligence work. That’s they’re doing more than just defending against the persistent Russian threat.


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