Table testing

Whoops. I didn’t mean to publish this post yet. I’m doing to analysis of global M2s and imagining a new way to measure trust of various media of exchange. Will publish the whole thing soon. I want to first seek the opinion of a professional economist.

7 thoughts on “Table testing

  1. Ed K

    So where is Ukraine?

    So where is Andrii?

    All this esoteric stuff and you have run off your followers…

    How about a visit to the Black Sea? Show us some
    pictures of Ukrainian boats?

    Hey Andrii, Hey Elmer have you read

    for Saturday, August 17, 2013

    “Putin Grasps Ukraine Warmly By The Throat”

    Come on guys

    1. Andrii Drozda

      Hi, Ed.

      I’m still here. I hadn’t much time to check Roman’s blog this week. But me and Roman had a nice lunch together some week ago and now I’m waiting for his impressions from a Liberty camp visit.
      Thanks for your gmail – I will use it. Maybe next year I would go to USA for a scholarship program and we could meet.

      1. Ed K

        Andrii said, “maybenext year I would go to USA for
        a scholarship program and we could meet.”

        I tried to get graduate scholarship for some Ukrainians
        and got nowhere.

        I live about 3 hours from Roman’s mother. Go near her
        house several times a year on interstate highway.

        I live in Greenville, South Carolina. I spend much time in
        Little River, South Carolina.

        I have tried to get others from Ukraine to look at Canadian
        Universities, especially those in Alberta, Toronto, Montreal.
        They are more receptive to Ukrainians.

        American universities want foreign students who pay their
        own way, that is have rich relatives paying.

        Hope you get chance to come.

        1. Andrii Drozda

          Thanks, Ed.

          I think it’s going to be a Fulbright scholarship for a few months, maybe half a year.
          I’m working on my PhD dissertation about Ukrainian poets in exile (USA) after World War II

          1. Ed K


            Then you have expert on Ukrainians in USA — Roman.
            Did he help with paperwork on Fulbright?

            He grew up in St. Georges Ukrainian community and
            should be able to provide incites and references! If
            you can pry the information out of him.

            I can provide you with contacts in very old and very
            new Ukrainian community in northern New Jersey.

            There are two groups there, that is Ukrainian Catholic group
            like Roman and the Autocephalus Orthodox group like me.

            Also, I am aware of many Pentacostal Ukrainians in
            North Carolina. They have several churches between
            me and Asheville, NC.

            Also, in Canada, there are several concentrations of Ukrainians.
            Very old but still there populations in Alberta and Toronto.

            Also, with ease of getting into Canada, Ukrainians emigrate today.
            Several doctors from Ternopil have resettled to Canada,
            especially Toronto.

            Also, I know of fellow Roman’s age in business with his father in
            Ternopil that spent time in mid west after college and then
            returned to Ukraine.

            After your Ph.D. is accepted, you may want to learn a trade that
            pays income. You know, to be able to pay rent and eat.


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