The church of Egalitarianism is becoming militant.


The tactics of non-producers: Stalking engineers. Smashing a window on a Google bus.

The only way to achieve equality is to destroy success. The church of Egalitarianism is becoming militant. They physically threaten the few people who are actually producing things.

The church’s philosophy can be summed up as: “give me more free shit!”

Everyone should move to Ukraine where people are grateful for economic opportunities.

2 thoughts on “The church of Egalitarianism is becoming militant.

  1. Ed K

    Ah! He lives! What about Elmer?

    Yes everyone should move to Ukraine where police will use anti
    personnel rockets against you?

    The problem with San Francisco and other urban centers is Liberalism.

    The problem is exacerbated when young(?) or should I say next generation does not have courage to stay home and fight.

    Rather they run off to ancestral places hoping to find
    libera paradise.

    “A “Liberal Paradise” would be a place where everybody
    has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare,
    free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free
    utilities; and only Law Enforcement has guns. Such a
    place does exist. It’s called prison.”
    John E. Darney

    So, do you have winter clothes? You have not announced
    results to “long story”.

    Have you unpacked your armored vest from Afghanistan?
    Is Ukraine the next Afghanistan? Is that the real reason the
    soldier of fortune stays. A subliminal lust for the fight?

  2. Andrii Drzoda

    Hi Ed,

    Ukrainian police are not using personnel rockets against protesters. It was fake news to make people afraid. But people are not afraid even live ammunition here. So, it’s just another government’s hysteria, nothing more.

    Ukraine is not next Afghanistan and never be such disaster. But next week we should expect some Russian activity on our borderlands. Nothing serious, I believe.


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