The conspiracy of the High Trust Society

A friend’s facebook post:

There’s a conspiracy going on in this world, and it is secretly plotting to take over the world. Like any good conspiracy it abides by a ridiculously positive name, which may confuse the reader into thinking they’re doing good:

The High Trust Society.

As I was able to have a closer look into the conspiracy (through means of subversion, lying, deluding and others long-learned traditions and knowledge of left revolutionaries), it seems that the core members all follow the same code, which includes certain features I would like to shed lights on.

Members are expected to be honest with each other at all times. It seems that honesty here acts not only as social lubricant, but also as aligner of incentives, and reducer of transaction costs.
Along with this comes the seeming necessity to speak truthfully with one another, however costly that may be. Liars (like yours truly, as it were) are expected to be discovered, ostracized and shoo’ed off the Land.
On the note of costliness, members are expected to keep their word at all times. I’m not quite sure how this came into being, given Machiavelli’s writings about how one should only keep it when it’s to your own advantage, but for whatever reason it seems to work for them, which makes them all the more dangerous.

Members seem to be highly trusting of one another (due to above shared values), and will not hesitate to certify their member’s high social capital.

Your diligent reporter has learned a few secrets in due time, and deems this a bright moment to rat out on core members of the conspiracy.

Roman Skaskiw, Curt Doolittle, Andriy Drozda and others try to get away with all of this mumbo-jumbo in Ukraine.

Don _, Johannes _, Ben _, Osku _, Jonathan _, Paul _, Haver _, Erik _ form the Estonian arm.

James _ promotes all of the above in Japan. I’m not sure why he does that, the Japanese seem to be deluded into thinking this is how the world should be run in the first place.

The same can be said for Marco _ — Finnish people seem equally deluded into trusting one another!!

A few stray people reside in Middle Europe, where Germany stands out with Sandro _ and Christoph _.

Another cluster appears all over the Commonwealth, around Andy _, Robyn _, Eli _, Sean _, Michael _, Michael _.