The dietary advice I’m trying to follow

The dietary advice I’m trying to follow:

It is ridiculous that humans know more about distant galaxies than human nutrition. The hard part with nutrition isn’t finding information but sorting through lies, pseudo science, wishful thinking, and mis-information. Here’s what I’ve come up with. Comments welcome.

1. Vegetables (all different colors, and especially leafy greens).
2. Garlic.
3. Ginger.
4. Fruits.
5. Berries.
6. Nuts.
7. Turmeric (applied both before and after cooking, with black pepper).
8. Coffee (with cinnamon when convenient).
9. Tea (black for taste, green, occasionally hibiscus).
10. One meal a day without meat.


11. Little refined sugar.
12. Beans.
13. pro biotics: live yogurt, sauerkraut, pickled vegetables.


14. Vitamin D supplement.

7 thoughts on “The dietary advice I’m trying to follow

  1. Paul

    Sounds kinda ad hoc to me.

    For finding the right diet, I have 2 advice:

    1. A guiding principle to evaluate options – I subscribe to ancestral diet principle.
    2. Self-experimentation: remove an item or add an item to your diet for 3 or 4 weeks and compare notes taken before and after the change.

    1. Roman

      It’s not ad hoc. I’m follow the actual scientific research.

      (It’s a bunch of research about individual foods. I’ve selected what seem to be the foods with the most impactful and consistently demonstrated health benefits.)

      Self-experimentation is good, but vulnerable to placebo effect and good narratives. The anti-gluten movement had a GREAT narrative, but the science didn’t support it.

  2. Beauregard

    Paul, explain ancestral diet principle.
    Does that include carrion?


    “When once a man begins to build a system, the very
    gifts and qualities which might serve in the investigation
    of truth, become the greatest hindrances to it. He must
    make the different parts of the scheme fit into each other …”
    Frederick Denison Maurice

  3. Roman

    Ancestral or “Caveman” Diet:

    I subscribe to the “cavemen” diet in the sense that cavemen were hungry and opportunistic and would have eaten cupcakes had they been able to find them. ;-)


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